Epic Games servers down?

Ding dong…I think its back up.

I’m back in now. online and everything

Is anyone still not able to get server connection though? I can’t

ye scratch what i wrote, can only play offline :frowning:


Sure hope when they fix their service, it unlocks my account.

I was under impression that I should be able to play with mi wife in LAN mode. Seems that if some epic/whatever service is down - even LAN mode is not working.


Wait, now my online is working. I see the option to join a game again.

It just goes back to the sign in. Can’t seem to login to play BL3.

Just got in.

The login is up but the game won’t apply the hotfixes so no legendary class drops at all…

Account still locked. Wonder how long that will last.

Why dose epic launcher even exist.

Cannot start game any mode, way to go epic.

Looks like it’s working now.
Still it shows how “play offline” really works when You can’t start game without login to “Epic”

I had an epic store erorr but the game loaded fine. Even multi-player worked.

Anyone still having the problem that multiplayer is unavailable and the servers are down?

Yeah, constantly around this hours, I’m getting kicked from slaughter due to “connection error”.
Game switching itself to offline.
Is this so hard to make working servers…?