Epic Games Store + Steam = Crossplay?

I really don’t mind BL3 releasing on Epic and I’d pre-order it right away, but I’m worried I won’t be able to play with my friends who decide to wait for the Steam release…
So my question is: Will there be “crossplay” - will Epic Store players be able to play with Steam players?


I think that there probably will be crossplay because the servers would belong to gearbox and not Epic(thank god)
I don’t think gearbox would have a problem with it and would let you play with your friends when the steam version arrives but there is no way to be sure


I just don’t see how one would be able to find Epic friends from within the game launched by the Steam client and vice versa. And I sure don’t wanna go back to connecting via IP. :stuck_out_tongue:

as much as I dislike epic there is a way to get steam friends over on their launcher
all you have to do is connect your steam and epic accounts and you will be able to find you steam friends to do this you should go to the epic launcher settings, give it a go to see if it still works :man_shrugging:


That’s not the same. You get to compare friendlist data and see if anyone is on both launchers to add them to your Epic friends. But that doesn’t give the Epic launcher access to the live friendlist service of Steam. And it certainly doesn’t connect anyone who isn’t on Epic.

try going to this linkepic/steam friends

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Oh ok, I wasn’t aware of that. At least it sounds like BL3 crossplay could be possible. Although this could be just a Fortnite thing, too.

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not sure, take for example the bl2 release on the apple mac store, that did not have cross play and eventually player counts went from a couple hundred to dead, with no cross play, i would honestly recommend buying it again after the 6 months on steam.

I will definitely not buy the game twice… either store crossplay is confirmed at some point or I just wait for the Steam release.


I’m actually interested in knowing if one can copy the save games which were created while playing the EPIC Store version of the game, over to the Steam Store version once that comes out.

I know Borderlands currently stores save game date (by default) in the ‘Documents - My Games’ folder on a Windows machine. So I’m curious to know if maybe launching a Steam version of the game would simply be able to pickup the save files from the same folder, and you can continue playing from where you left off if one decides they no longer with to play with the EPIC Store version of the game.


So something I’ve been thinking about since the whole Epic versus Steam launcher is that what if I want to just get the game immediately on the Epic launcher but my friends get it for Steam. Is there a cross PC launcher for co-op or not? Also can I even pre-order the game for steam to get the pre-order bonuses? Sorry if this information is out there already, but I just can’t find these answers.

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Neither of those questions have been publicly answered yet, unfortunately.


It depends on steam, I’m not so sure they will give a helping to Epic after some incidents between them and Epic. Which is a bummer as I can see why your steam friends will never get the game on Epic.

I thought all PC softwares are shared as one already. I rarely use PC now a days for games, am I wrong? Or does every PC store for videogames has it’s own restriction use like game consoles when playing online with other players?

Depends on the developers, publishers, and also the distribution platforms themselves. It is entirely possible that a game client made for 1 platform uses a multiplayer network made for that platform and other platforms wont have access to it and need to use a different network. Though most cases this doesn’t happen unless said title has server side stored data such as MMORPGs. I don’t foresee anything like that with BL3 however cloud saves I could see being potentially problematic in the cases of people planning to buy on Epic first to get the initial launch then later buy and play through Steam as I believe currently Epic doesn’t have cloud saves at all for any title but supposedly plans to add it in the future and structuring this could impact the actual save files.

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So…we don’t know. Nobody wants to answer and risk hate growing for what we would not want to hear.
Obviously I will not pre-order also because of this. Will wait for Steam.

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Connecting an epic games account to GitHub?!

GitHub isn’t anything like a gaming storefront. The only thing i’ve Ever seen GitHub used for is for exchanging source code…

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I’m guessing it’s for game mods.