Epic games support on splash screen hang up is pretty much useless

I have been going back and forth with these guys for over a few weeks by e-mail on the splash screen hang up issue a few have been having in the game on PC still.
It appears that the only way to get the game to run right is to go to Task Manager and shut the game while in the Epic launcher. Then go back and run it again and it runs fine.
I have been explaining to them over and over again on this. First 2K dropped me on this and now it appears the Epic themselves are about to do the same thing as well.
I told them i am so tired of telling them in great detail about this. And there response is its a 2K issue. Which i told them that they dropped me by saying there is nothing that they can do.
Now i am at my last straw with them. These guys know nothing about PC gamers at all from my view and i find that quite funny and sad at the same time. The support for the PC on this bug if you can call it that has been stupid and very annoying and it shows that they just don’t get it all. You get the run around from them and i now know why Epic games store and there launcher are lower then dirt and will never hold a candle to Steam and there support. At least on Steam the game would have run without a hitch. On Epic its a different story.
Useless support guys. Completely useless and lazy.

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Ya I tried explaining a few bugs and an exploit in multiplayer, and all they wanted me to do was repeat myself ad nauseam, and fill out their data entry forms for them. Was really a waste of time and it seems money on 2K and gearbox’s part.