Epic Launcher and BL3 not connecting to online services

Game was playing fine until the new hotfix went live. Now the Epic Launcher is giving an error number of 500 and BL3 will not connect to online services.


Same here. I normally play on Steam now, but the Epic launcher is messed up (same error 500) for me here too.

Same problem with BL3.

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I’m connected now… so I think the issue has been resolved.

It’s not resolved. At least not for everyone.

Sounds like a Shift issue has been causing problems. Restart game, see if that shakes it loose.

Or additional pressure on the Epic servers is jamming things up a bit.


It doesn’t have anything to do with the game. It’s just Epic having issues. Their web site is 404’ing all over the place, but just now I was able to log into the Epic games launcher. Looks like they’re working on it, but connectivity might be spotty.

Epic dropped a free game today and it’s created a massive server load, so that’s what’s causing issues.

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