Epic Launcher crashing discussion

I had the launcher crash today after about 16hr of total playtime. Previously the game was telling me there is an update available but when I click Yes to apply it nothing seems to happen.
So then after quitting the game some time afterwards the launcher crashes for no apparent reason.

Since Epic’s website and Trello page is virtually useless for seeing exact dates when updates go out, can we get some support from Gearbox regarding the launcher details, especially since the exclusivity agreement was forced upon us?

We should use this thread or a dedicated subforum for Epic launcher issues until such time that either Epic or Gearbox improves troubleshooting or feedback on what’s going on, with both game updates or launcher updates.

PSA: the launcher updates in the background while the game is running and minimizes the game, seems to allow it to keep running but who knows what’ll happen to your progress with the way things are going.