Epic Launcher Help, BorderlandsDay!

Thank you guys, i’ll appreciate any help from my Borderland Brothers.

I’ve encountered a very weird error on the day our anticipated game finally came out!

When I launch my EPIC-launcher, the screen is black and constantly reloading

When I boot up the launcher with no connection on, it works fine, so i’ve narrowed it down to on this computer is blocking the connection. The launcher works fine on my MAC (though sadly BL3 is not OS supported).

I’ve tried everything from allowing the launcher in my allowed apps, adding the inbound ports from the troubleshoot guide, reinstalling, VPN(s), ipconfig release/renew, deleting the web cache file, adding -http=wininet to the shortcut… i’ve tried everything, Brothers, y’all are my last shot.

The error looks like this:

Thank you guys again for any help! I am stuck and need it!


For anyone having the same problem, it is not a connection issue, it is a display issue

Right-click on the launcher shortcut, go to properties, then change compatibility to windows 7/8, the comp ability shooter should run and give you an option in the next scan to see if it can run a scan on the display