Epic Mind Games... at the Taunt Selection?

So, I came across something weird when I was running some Ops earlier. I was hovering over a taunt while waiting for the timer to conclude after selecting my character, right? After the intro animation, I was confused to see that the taunt I was just hovering over was the one the game chose to pick, despite me not, you know, actually selecting said taunt.

I made this unnecessarily elaborate (and I think hilarious) video illustrating the above paragraph. It’s not a deal-breaker by any stretch, but like I said, I was pretty confused when I first saw this happen.


Interesting bug find
Please post this in the PC support so someone can get some eyes on it

I also noticed that if you select a taunt other than your default one, then move to a different menu and back to the taunt menu, it will change your taunt back to your default one.

aw, no more dance parties before matches :frowning:

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