Epic Opening Up PC+Mac Game Store to Others

Well, this could get interesting:

We’ll see how it pans out, obviously, but the bit about waiving the UE4 engine royalty makes that a sweet deal for developers. One thing I didn’t see mentioned in the article was any DRM scheme, but I’m assuming there must be some level of that involved.

Steam has a lot of inertia with its playerbase and a (I think) relatively favorable opinion… it’ll take something like this to get into that market properly.

Presumably there’s a reason a developer wouldn’t publish on both (all?) store fronts… drives me nuts, since these aren’t websites, but extra software that I now need to run in addition to the game.

When I got Titanfall 2 and had to install Origin to get it, I was secretly wishing I could just go get a CD and deal with some old-school DRM instead (much less that they actually just publish on Steam too).

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And another Epic announcement :drum:

This is starting to get interesting. It makes me wonder how the other game engine developers are going to respond. But that’s a pretty strong nudge towards removing (artificial) boundaries to cross-platform play.

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