Epic Shotguns, most anointed for trade - Found more Everblasts -

LF -
Redistributors for Zane
Ion Cannons, x2 anointed, or high damage
Transformer that ups damage or has zane anointed
Seein Deads with Wep Dam,Grenade Dam, plus a third like SMG, Pistol, Firerate, Crit

I have the radiation redistributor with SNTNL anoint. Trade for the dastardly stagecoach with the SNTNL anoint?

sadly, that is the only redistributor i do have

I’ll trade you a shock Redistributor with 100% sntnl for this :point_down: if its mirv and homing.

got alot of god rolled items, interested in anything?

What are you looking for?

I want the stagecoach 100% stnl

ok, whats GT


Here is a few more from this weeks farming and traded allowing me to have trade -

Let me know what you need,
I am LF - weapons and gear with Splash, ASE, SNTL and SWAP with clone

Also LF - anointed grenades