[Epic] Since SHiFT-gate Laptop Locks up

This is now the second time my laptop, which played more than 30 hours before last update (aka SHiFT-gate) completely locked up. I can’t alt-tab, only option is to ctrl-alt-del and choose sign out (even task manager won’t display so I can’t force quit).

I’d submit a support ticket but I’ve been down that black-hole too many times. Just posting this as an FYI.

Really sad state given the SHiFT / Steam problems

“Oh man, now I’m sad, is this what sad feels like?” <- RIP Scooter

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Let us know when you hear back on that ticket. I have a lockup now and again where I am forced to power cycle my laptop or desktop because a game (not just Borderlands 3) locks like that. From what I can tell in my case from system logs, it was a video driver crashing.

Hey, i got BL3 Steam version on friday.

Played since release without a single crash, 36 hours in. Today i got 5 crashes in less than an hour, 4 of them completely blocked my PC had to restart it through power button.
What’s going on Gearbox?

It Seems i’m not the only one, according to Steam forums…

Here’s my specs:
i7 9700k
16GB ram
GTX 1080
1TB Sata SSD (BL3 on it)
1440p resolution
144hz gsync monitor

Playing DX12 and changed to DX11, still crashing.
Reinstalled nvidia drivers (latest installed even before), still crashing.

It started crashing in Eden 6 main map, got even worst in Jakobs Estate.

Before crashing no stutter, no strange fps drops, just runs as always @70-100 fps capped, full screen (crashes in window borderless as well), no vsync.


Tried filing a support ticket?

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Hold tight folks…phaseshift successful!