Epic stopped saving to cloud? 6 oct 2019

Epic stopped saving my game to cloud on 6 Oct 2019, curious if anyone has had this issue or know how to get it to take my save when it asks for cloud sync

each time i log in and launch, it gives me a option to cloud sync it still shows 6 oct, i have asked it for 17 days now to upload from my PC, not working?

this could be a problem, if i accidently hit the 6 oct cloud save it would wipe 17 days of progression, also a issue if my computer broke and needed to access my current cloud save game for another PC

I would suggest two things: first, report the issue to Epic’s support desk and see if they know anything specific (since it’s their launcher/system); second, I’d probably disable the cloud sync for now and use a USB stick or external drive to roll your own backups for now.

It’s possible that the proverbial “turn it off then on again” might get sync re-established, but I’d definitely make backups before trying that.