Epic store and Shift account

Hi everyone, I preordered Borderlands 3 though Epic Store a few months ago and because of that if you go to the Borderlands main page it´s still ask me to preorder the game(which I did but on Epic), so I was wondering if I can still link my Shift account to my game when it´s released. I know it´s sounds dumb but my curiousity grew when I bought a Borderlands 3 weapon in the Borderlands main page and DID´T get the last archiviement to get the legendary Maliwan SGM, did´t happen when I bought Borderlands 2 and The Presequel´s weapons thought.
I someone can help me, I will apreciate it. Thanks.

You can link your SHIFT and EGS accounts:



if i try that the 2k login denied the password but it is the right pw.

Sure it’s the right 2k account? Because… for exaplme: 2k account and 2k support account are two totally separate things!
Maybe you’re using some ‘wrong’ 2k account.

Borderlands.com still doesn’t have a link to the EGS, only Steam for PC.

Go straight to shift (see the link above) - it’s on there.

Yes, it’s on SHIFT, but can you get the rewards that way?

SHIFT is the system Gearbox uses to add rewards into your game. So if your shift account is linked to your EGS account, you should get your pre-order rewards when you launch the game and sign into SHIFT through it.

As far as displaying rewards goes, the VIP site appears to be having issues - there’s a major thread just for users who’re having issues getting the site to show things checked off properly.

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you´re right, it was the support account. So i have to create an account but they only do that if i log me into my steam or epic account? I miss the Logic in that case…
gotit - register with mail - at the end and tiny.

“Account already exists…” - okay, i give up, grmbl…

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Just used the link above to add my EPS account and it worked.
Wish it showed which Steam account is linked.

Unlink. Then head to Steam, PSN or what ever. Log in on that site with the desired account, then click on SHiFT link account. Will use the actual logged in account.

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