Epic Store Payment Method Question

We are just about a month away from release. I’m wanting to purchase this game but I do not have a credit card. On Steam I purchase everything through Steam cards that I get from my nearby gas station. I was just wondering if any of you guys knew of Epic had any sort of easy process like that?

The only two options I see are Credit Card & PayPal but both of those I do not have.

Try a pre-paid card.

When I was looking at buying, I think there may have been an option to use Amazon Pay … but not sure if that means I can buy an amazon card, credit it to my account, and then use those funds. Not sure how that works. You could try contacting Epic Games Store support and ask.

Personally, I’d love it if I could use Japanese convenience store payments, or could buy a gift card.

You could use Paysafecard (I believe Epic supports it, also fanatical and greenmangaming)
And I believe both Humble Store and Epic support Amazon Pay.
EDIT: It seems the supported payment methods depend on your country.