Epic Store / Unable to upgrade / Outright buy another copy

I purchased Borderlands 3 Standard Edition several weeks ago. I was unsure if I would enjoy the game or not, so I took the safe route of a smaller purchase but now looking to upgrade to the Super Deluxe Edition. Love the game! However I am currently unable to do so. Epic will not allow me to return the game to upgrade.

It is my understanding that Epic does not have an option to upgrade from Standard to Super Deluxe Editions. When I remotely considered just out right buying the Super Deluxe Edition for the $119 and owing two copies of Borderlands 3, I’m unable to do that as well, Epic saying Unavailable! I realize this isn’t an issue on your end but I want to let you guys know! Help me help you take my money!

Epic Games Player Support - Jason D.
October 14, 2019, 12:41 -0500 Conversation ID: #19148272

Thanks for getting back to us.

I’m afraid that won’t be possible. I understand that this is not the answer you are hoping for, but this resolution is considered final and cannot be amended.

Please let us know of you have other concerns.

I can’t even buy a 2nd copy from the Epic store!