Epic vs. Steam Kind of a poll

Kind of a poll just want to know who buying BL3 from Steam vs. Epic

BTW, I still don’t know what I’m going to do!

  • Steam
  • Epic

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Is there even a single reason to buy Epic if you can buy Steam? I guess the question is “are you going to wait 6 months?”

I am going to wait.


I’ll try and add an option to the poll, might have to restart it, sorry. Edit: ghah. Discourse is not cooperating.

Epic but only because I don’t want to wait 6 months.


Pretty much this, although I’ll throw in the following caveats, having no place in the mighty steam vs epic war of the year of our lord, 2019.

  • I probably wouldn’t do this for any series but borderlands, because it is my last franchise and if GBX ■■■■■ me on it it’ll probably be the last game I buy at full price.

  • I don’t give a ■■■■ about epic’s practices outside of security (which I consider a very valid concern at this juncture) and in any other situation this would be a minor inconvenience at best.


Epic has proven time and again that their ambition far exceeds their abilities.

If their launcher was stable and provided basic features like a shopping cart and two-factor authentication I would consider it. If their launcher didn’t have so many security holes I would consider it. If I was to stop hearing regular horror stories about customers’ accounts being hacked or banned for ridiculous reasons, I would consider it. If they didn’t accidentally damage their own clients with their first attempt at a sale I would consider it.

As it is now… I will not even consider doing business with them. They need to get their act together before I will invest even a single penny in it. I don’t care what big names they draw, at the end of the day, they are selling personal amusement products, and I have other more stable and less frustrating ways of keeping myself occupied.


I’ll be buying on Epic. I see no reason to cut off my nose to spite my face :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, games are just icons on my PC desktop. I don’t care where I bought them any more than from which supermarket I bought my washing powder. I don’t use any platform’s social/community functions. However, supermarkets vary in price, quality, service etc. and I’m not blind to Epic’s failings. I’ll be trying to mitigate them.

I know they’ve had security problems, with account and purchasing details being stolen, so my credit card details will be going to Green Man Gaming for a key. My regular co-op “team” will have to register as whatever Epic calls “Friends” but I won’t give permission for them to access my Steam, or any other, personal details.

Otherwise, my biggest problem with Epic is the lack of cloud saves. One of my regular co-op partners splits his time between homes in two different countries and does quite a bit of travelling besides. He can be playing on any one of two desktop PCs or his gaming laptop. Even I have a gaming laptop for when I’m out and about! Epic claim that this will be in place by the time BL3 is released but we’ll see :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Taking a wider view, are Epic being anti-competitive? Well, yes, but no more so than other commercial organizations. Look at the slew of exclusives across the various video streaming services. Much as I’d like to live in a perfect, socially responsible, capitalist world, I don’t. Therefore, I’ll be getting my Borderlands fix as soon as possible :smiley:


The six-month wait for Steam works for me because between the Epic and Steam releases, these are must-haves for me:

  • Metro Exodus (another Epic exclusive coming to Steam)
  • Halo MCC (depending on how far back it gets pushed, and the release sequence)
  • Doom Eternal (RIP AND TEAR!)
  • Rage 2 DLC (at least one of them appears to be showing up during this period… still hazy though)

Atomic Heart, Cyberpunk 2077, and Outer Worlds have my attention, but I’ll need post-release reviews before I consider. Also, there’s a purported DLC for Borderlands 2 somewhere in here.


Epic has done nothing bad to me thus far. So no problem from my side.
The only feature i miss right now is cloud saves. But its only a matter of time. No biggie

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I can’t tell you where I’ll buy it when I buy it, probably somewhere by my usual +/- 24 months after release. I’ve never bought games at or near their release dates and see no reason to change. Some games like the BL series games I’ll buy from whomever has the best holiday sale price for the bundle containing the base game plus all playable DLCs - typically I support macgamestore dot com, Humble Bundle and Steam. PS To contribute to your poll, I answered “Steam” but now you know the actual list of online sellers I typically support.


It’s all on Epic at this point. If they get the EGS launcher to what I feel is an acceptable level in regards to features and get their stuff together in regards to the launcher stability and security along with stopping the anti-consumer practices like buying more exclusives or buying developer studios to pull stuff off steam. Atm EGS still feels like another cash grab scheme they’re trying to run with until people catch on and they cant get away with it anymore.

If they clean up their act I might consider using it.

Steam, because I’ve seen too many horror stories about Epic. Though I am wondering if Steam users are going to lose out on the “play within 14 days of release” bonuses because of simply wanting to wait.


I’m going to wait. Wait until after it comes out on Steam to make sure that if I buy it on Steam I don’t have to install the Epic installer anyway. I don’t want to bother with yet another digital distribution service. If you have to install the Epic installer anyway I’ll just give it a miss.

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I’m going to Epic. Honestly, if they’re running the world’s biggest free game phenomenon and there’s not a mass-load of horror stories, the percentage is pretty decent.

Not only that, but I’ve grown tired of how the Steam Overlay makes me doubt my computer’s running everything right anyway, so I just gave up on my steam controller

I’m the most weary of Epic between the friends I’ll be playing BL3 with. Of course they’re getting it regardless so if I want to play with them, which of course I do, I’ll be getting it on release and even if i get the key somewhere else it’ll go through Epic in the end.

So, it’ll be Epic for me :confused:

Epic had such potential. If they had stuck with just giving devs a bigger cut and worked on improving their service they could have become heroes. Instead they took a hard heel-turn and have done some things that I consider so unethical I’m not sure its possible for them to convince me to buy anything from them.


Epic here. Steam has been a monopoly for far too long and they need some competition to drive innovation and price reduction. Plus, I’m not going to wait to play a favorite franchise over storefronts.

Complaints about Epic? The security complaints have been debunked (no less secure than Steam which has had some awful breaches, 2FA has been available since 2018), the Tencent rants are pure paranoia with no basis in reality, and Steam’s ethics are far worse than Epic’s. About the only thing worth complaining about was the Steam friends list issue and that didn’t send anything without the user opting in. They should’ve just used Steam’s API, which was dumb, but there was literally no harm done.

Epic’s storefront/engine quality of life is good now and improving, plus it’s built for cross-platform and cross-save. Steam is a tired storefront that needs to modernize or get left behind. Unless they change direction really soon, they’re less than a year from becoming the storefront that only sells waifu sims and 10+ year old games.

Epic also refunded part of the pre-order price when BL3 went on sale weeks later, even though they ended up pulling BL3 for the duration of the sale at 2K’s request. Steam isn’t about to start refunding anyone for anything that goes on sale even 1 second after purchase.

For those still willing to die on Gabe’s altar, you’ll likely need an Epic account to play even if you do wait to buy on Steam and Epic will still get a cut of your purchase. Epic owns Unreal Engine (“UE”), the entire Borderlands franchise uses UE, and non-EGS sales pay 5% back to Epic for using UE. You’re going to support Epic either way, so why not play BL3 from the start?


Oh oh! That’s right, I was also stoked that I might be able to cross play with my brother on PS4 while I’m on pc. We don’t have much in common but enjoying this game, so having this to play together might be the coolest thing to ever happen to us. And Epic might actually get it done.

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