Epic vs. Steam Kind of a poll

Since I play on consoles as well as my Mac I can wait for Steam.
I have not tried Epic’s system, so I have nothing bad or good to say about it. It exists on the Mac and I’ve downloaded it, just so set with my library and payment method on Steam that I don’t see a rea…so…n

Oh wait, I forgot I have 2 versions of BL2 on my Mac, the Steam version and the App Store version. Though I have the App Store version so I can play without a network connection.
And using Epic I can have two versions of BL3.

I just convinced myself to buy both.


I’m primarily a console guy myself (insert PC master race comment/joke HERE) but often, when I really enjoy a game I’ll grab it on sale when on PC (typically Steam because Steam is just a good system). Plannin’ on doing the same for BL3 down the line, but only if it’s Steam. Not a fan of Epic, Origin, etc. Too many bad/weird experiences.

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My thing is, that I want the Super Deluxe Edition. I dont know if I can wait for this game on steam. However I really hate Epic Games. I dont want to purchase on that launcher. But if I wait will I be able to get the edition I want on Steam if I buy it now. Or do I not get the chance when it comes out on Steam?

PS: Also if people wait for steam this game might take a huge hit at the start. Thinking of this as a Marketing guru point of view though, its perfect for them, get early sales for the first months on all platforms, then at the end of the exclusivity period for Epic, the Steam elitists are going to grab this game as fast as possible. So my thing really is this do i wait the six months, or take the hit, and buy it and hope I can play with friends on steam. Personally I want to buy this game now, get all the benefits and just redeem the code onto steam. Its a really tough decision.

Yup, that about sums it up!

First of all: who got to vote twice?

Secondly: nice

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You can vote twice, If you plan on getting it twice.

Someone is bound to.

Ill just stick to bl 2 till it comes to steam


I would have liked to see borderlands 3 on steam during launch but i’m not opposed to the epic game store. If cross play is available like a lot of the other games on Epic than I see this as an absolute win.

I’d say I’mma wait 6 months till it’s released available to steam. The sale they promised happening at epic store is falsely mentioned. While Randy mentioned it will be cheaper it’s still the same price as Borderlands the Pre-sequel. When that came, even if there is, it’s not a drastic discount.

That and all my achievements are on steam, not on epic store, the only game I have there is Fortnight lol :joy::rofl:

So relax ladies and gentlemen, and patience, it’s only half time. :sunglasses:

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I’m buying it twice. My sons, husband and friends all pre-bought it on Epic so I did as well so I can play with them. I will be buying it on Steam as soon as I can and unless by some miracle you can move your player from Epic to Steam account, I will be starting over and using that account to play alone or whatever. I doubt we will be able to cross play EPIC/Steam.

Theres tons of horror stories man, people getting banned for nothing, banned for buying too many games, the security risks, the hacked accounts. No two factor authentication. The epic stores a mess. Also Fortnight hilariously isnt the biggest free game, DFO is according to business analytical data, Bet nexon is rolling in dirt for letting neople run away with the title.


I’m a bit salty they are limiting some rewards to 1st 14days when they won’t release on steam off the bat. Seriously considering skipping bl3 all together for giving epic this advantage >:(


I just find his version of no rest for the wicked is funny. start at 7:06


Oh man, the background “beatboxing” is hilarious. :laughing:

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I will wait for steam.

Personally Epic has killed any chance of ever having me as a customer with their stupid comment “If Steam will lower the cut it takes we will stop doing exclusives”.

Really??? Steam has superior perks for US THE CONSUMER that far exceeds Epic in every way, but they want to sit there and say they deserve our business because they are taking a lower cut for the game companies?!?!?

Thanks, but I will stay with the company (Steam) that has spent a ton of money doing things to improve MY experience and not the game companies.

Oh and also, Microsoft and Steam are working together a whole lot better than Epic and Microsoft so I will stay with Steam where cross-platform with Xbox is much more likely.

I will purchase on Xbox and play it until it releases on Steam.


Not like Steam’s much different lmao


I’ve long preordered it on EGS, I love BL2 so much but I also yearn for more so there’s no way I’m waiting another half year.

I’m totally not buying into this outrage and Steam fanboyism. Yeah, Steam is definitely a better platform, and if it was only a few weeks apart, I’d have waited for the Steam release. But I also don’t buy into this stuff that Epic is a slave of the Chinese government and all that. That narrative that your EGS account will be hacked and that your Steam account is safe. That EGS is anti-consumer and Steam is pro-consumer etc.

However, there definitely are concerns about EGS aside from that. That whole sale disaster… Epic apparently not consulting 2K on if they want their game on sale, and then pulling BL3 from the store entirely because they apparently had no idea what else to do. Then blocking users from buying more games on sale because “whow wait wait wait you bought enough already”… that isn’t exactly reassuring. It only gives the impression that Epic have no f*cking idea what they’re doing, and 2K/Gearbox don’t seem to be as happy with what’s going on as they probably hoped either.

I stand with my preorder, but honestly somewhat grudgingly. I’d feel better if Epic seemed like a reliable company that puts some thought into what it’s doing.

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I am getting BL3 on… PS4.

The fact of the Epic Store 6 month exclusivity has soured me enough on the prospect of the PC release, that I will in all probability wait for the $20 all inclusive GotY edition on Steam, if I bother with getting it for PC at all.

And I was mad hype for the PC release, too… before the Epic debacle.

I mean, I bought a new rig for it, after all.

2080 Founders and everything - all for BL3.

I’ll put it to use for better things than an Epic Store exclusive… like Youtube, Netflix, a conversation piece, etc.

You’re right.

It isn’t like that at all.

It is precisely that.

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Waiting 6 months for a game just to buy it from a rumoredly less evil corporation, so I don’t have to buy it from a rumoredly more evil corporation doesn’t seem worth it. Brand loyalty is meaningless, because all corporations want to exploit you for profit. Valve isn’t your friend either, nor are Sony or Microsoft for those people who are going to get the game on console.

If you want to be an activist, there are more effective ways than giving your money to an equally evil but different corporation a few months later.