Epic vs. Steam Kind of a poll

For me, all the bells & whistles of these launchers tend to be irrelevant. I want to buy a game and run it. That’s it. I don’t care about free games, “achievements”, trading cards, forums, reviews or whatever. As I said, in another post in this thread, the only extra functionality I wanted was cloud saves for when I’m on my laptop rather than my desktop but I could have managed without it.

Since September, the game has run every time I clicked on the desktop icon. My friends join me successfully whenever we get together. Even cloud saves work now, after that initial mess-up. What glitches I have come across have been game problems, not the launcher.

Compared to Steam, Epic is primitive. They clearly don’t care about providing more features, as you point out. I dislike their business practices, though their financial deals can and have helped developers. But, for what I want out of a launcher, it’s been fine.

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Epic is trying to be like Steam, and speeding up the process by getting more users by exclusivity, which is the worst way to do that. It’s about the features, and what the service has, by taking BL3 to be an exclusive which, caused a split in PC gaming community, and people got more furious at Epic for doing this. Just by taking Metro as an exclusive 2 weeks from launch, when people already pre-ordered it. Epic will fall in 2021 at least, cause Fortnite will be irrelevant. That’s why I’m supporting Steam, cause they actually make good games, that any type of gamer can play.


I love that people hate how epic force you to use thier launcher just like steam did at the start any one actualy remember that lol

If I actually had a choice when the game was released, I would have bought it on Steam… due to Epic’s lame bare bones launcher, wanting to have all my Borderlands games in the same library, Epic not offering game reviews (super shady), etc…

Well, thats because Steam was the only launcher at the time, and gaming companies later followed as well, with their own, but now they’re failing, look at Origin, EA is forced to go back to Steam, cause nobody was buying their games anymore, so now EA games will be found on Steam. Steam has survived for so long cause it was the original, and those people made it work so well, it’s good to get competition, but if the competition is making exclusivity deals, instead of working on features, then people are more likely buy from Steam.


I get that people think features are the way forward but they really aren’t simple reality people like comfort ain’t the majority of people installing a second launcher with better features and reinstalling 100 games plus or tranfering or what ever make them install your games and launcher that’s messed up but how to do it sadly look at YouTube

Also don’t get me wrong I don’t love epic but I come across the pc is superior to console a lot to it seems people don’t understand when it comes to competition on all this not aiming this at you btw more just if pc was superior console, console wouldn’t have a market it wouldn’t exist kinda like how the only way to compete with steam is to starve it of titles a lot of people in this topic bought it on epic just because they didn’t want to wait so epics strategy is working

“Comfort” has little to nothing to do with it. You don’t compete by offering an inferior product. We likely wouldn’t even be having this debate if Epic’s launcher offered similar features Steam already does, but it doesn’t. It’s clearly an inferior product, which is why people are angry with Epic purchasing exclusives. EA’s Origin platform failed because it’s also lacking in features that Steam currently had. You compete by offering the consumer a superior product or service, not by limiting their options for said items. Competition is good, but Epic’s taking the wrong route and this will only last as long as they can turn a profit somehow.

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Well here is the bigger issue, Epic spent millions of dollars on these exclusivity deals, when they should of just worked on the features, there missing tons of important features like reviews on their site, and the Gearbox CEO, said that it would be different when BL3 comes out, yet it hasn’t gained any new features since March, so Epic made promises, yet its going to end up failing, the more times it wants to get exclusivity deals.

Not disagreeing with you but I suck at wording it properly Jim sterling explains it perfectly

No you’re right but is epics strategy currently working even if it is the strategy of censored lol didn’t want that censored sorry

You’re pretty wise for a big silly birdman with a funny accent. :star_struck:

Another reason to go Steam vs Epic. DLC is not available in offline mode if you buy through EPIC. Found this out the hard way (after about 10 emails with tech support, who first gave me the run around, and then eventually said “yeah no”).

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