Epic white chest loot(or locker, skagpile, garbage can, etc.)

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If you find something cool in what usually is a trashy area feel free to post it here for bragging rights. I’ll get us started.

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iirc I found 2 Anaconda’s; one from a trash pile, the other from a garbage bin.
But it has been a year now since that happend.

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I find legendaries everywhere.

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Found this recently.

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Got a SPR43 Vitriolic Crux from a Skag pile in the Lost Cave today.

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On the old forum there was a Skagpile farming thread. Many of them can drop some nice gear to.

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Nice! I’ve gotten many a nice revolver and shield from that locker. Sledge’s Safehouse in the secret chest room, right?

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Found a barrel5 body5 defiler in a locker way back(prob/maybe the 1st play through,…) and a Red Reaper in a white armory chest,… checked all my pic’s couldn’t find it anymore :frowning: (the room where you drop-in)

Also i like the 2 skag piles just before the holo-bridge in Knoxx dlc, found some orange guns there.

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That’s correct. Never thought you could get legendaries from lockers.

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Did not know that bandit raiders can drop legendaries.

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Yes! my fav piles to check on my way to Ajax then the Armory. i have found purple coms and legendaries from there.

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Finding awesome legendaries where the player least expects it is what keeps me interested in playing this game, I think.

In my latest playthrough, first legendary I came across not in a vending machine was from a skag pile. Every playthrough is different, and waiting for that first legendary to spawn and drop is what keeps making new characters and playthroughs worthwhile.

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Blurry but there

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all from the trash pile before heading up to Craw or moving forward across the red bridge to Roads End.

this is the locker from the Crimson Tollway. i usually see decent loot from those two spots which are in my current farming route.

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White chest goods.


Both found in rapid succession in the headstone mine. Too bad I wasn’t playing Mordecai.

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