Epic white chest loot(or locker, skagpile, garbage can, etc.)

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I think it was Clapy DLC mate.

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Robolution DLC is great for those kind of finds, particularly in the Power Plant treasure room. Those lockers and white chests in that area are great. I got a few world drops on the way from Hyperion Soldier Tr4ps. Also, in the Warehouse area before that Boss Fight there is a long winding stairwell and catwalk to the West side roof area and there are 5 or so white and red chest.

I was in that area yesterday and made out like a bandit…


Did the side missions that took me back to the Factory, Sander’s Gorge, Power Plan, and Canyon as well as the chests around the station. Managed to get a double drop.


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Skag pile in Skag Gully.

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I mean it’s not that epic but it’s my first defiler for this character and it’s free…

Loot 1

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Guys, some of the epic loot I get those last days, leveling a new Siren on PC… :smile:

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The best thing about finding a legendary gun in any lootable object which is not a red or crimson lance weapon chest is that such a gun will always cost you just a single click / button push and has a chance to be a really good one :blyoohoo:

Here are my finds at this point:

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The game really loves me… :slight_smile:

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