Epic won't let you buy Season Pass 2 if you are a good customer

The official word from support at the epic games store is that:

I would like to inform you that the Epic Games Store team has set up offers in the Store with rules that don’t allow players to purchase a Season Pass, version of a game, or any content that includes something that they already own.

I have checked the Super Deluxe Edition and Season Pass 2, and it appears that both content includes all 4 Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Packs in both.

That being said, we do not want players to end up spending money on the same content a second time.

I am beyond disgusted.


They don’t want to sell you something you already own?

They won’t let me buy season pass 2 because of cosmetics that were included in season pass 1… Which means that if I want the two new DLCs, I would have to pay full price for them ($30 for the first new DLC) rather than get both for $30.


Funny thing is. A lot of people that have the super delude edition, have not gotten the multiverse skins, and unable to buy Season Pass 2

Dlc 5 is $15 on its own, not $30. Just fyi

Yeah the season pass is the same price as the 2 DLCs.
Or, as of now it is. I guess we don’t know what DLC 2 is gonna cost, but I don’t see it being $20.

Hey there, just to let you know that I’ve pinged the GBX community manager with a link to your post and this information, since obviously something is not quite right here.


I have the email chain with Epic games store support if it’s needed.

So you had the super deluxe edition?
I have the same one and bought season pass 2 with no issues.

I would suggest filing it in a support ticket with GBX/2K.

Hi! I’m one of those people and I’ve been email-fighting with Epic support for 3 days now with no solution in sight

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I suspect this is something that GBX/2K will have to work out with Epic, since it appears to be very much tied to the way the Final Form stuff has been bundled with the different game packages/season passes.


@VaultHunter101 Thanks for your replies in these threads. As I believe you are not a gearbox dev but just a mod? it’s still good that we got some higher up reply / pinged the community people.

It turns out you can buy a code for Season Pass 2 for Epic from the 2K Games Store.

You can redeem that code on the epic games launcher, which destroys their claims.

I have followed your suggestion and filed a support ticket, thank you.

That goes to explain something. I did originally also have hard time buying it until someone shared a link to the actual storepage for season pass 2.

Even submitting a ticket only gets you a useless form letter reply.

This wouldn’t be an issue if Gearbox would confirm the price of DLC6, if that’s going to be the same price as DLC5 then it won’t cost anymore than SP2 to get both of them, the UK price for DLC5x2 would actually work out slightly less than the cost of SP2.

Most issues can be solved by clearing the cache according to their tech support :slightly_smiling_face:

As incredible as it sounds, that does actually work sometimes.

But not if there’s a conflict between season passes and the store is configured to prevent overlapping purchases under such circumstances. That’s going to require some finagling on the other side of the connection.