Epiphany This Weekend - Weapon Damage VS Element Damage

I use exclusively elemental weapons. I have been using a relic that boosts SMG damage for month and months now. I realized when playing with the SMG, explosive, rifle, fire relics that I do WAY more damage with my hellfire and an incendiary relic than the SMG damage relic. The explosive relic boosts my spitter damage WAY more than the rifle relic does. I’m missing out on the extra FFYL time by switching but that doesn’t matter. I either hit them with my fastball or DPUH and kill them in a few seconds or I die anyway. Ever have a moment like this where you realize you’ve been doing something wrong for a long time?

Not in this game anymore for me really. But the other day I was playing a bot match with Oscar Mike in Battleborn and usually I pick his red dot sight helix because his scope’s FOV is horrible. But I was watching some tournament scrimmages the night before and they all picked the scope, so I took a look at the (really badly worded) description and decided since it was a bot match I’d try it out on the off chance it did what I thought it was trying to say it did.

Which it did! It increased the distance before his AR’s damage dropped off. So for 3 and 1/2 months I ran him without the basically 100% DAMAGE INCREASE at range!

Still doesn’t make up for the fact it’s a ■■■■■■ scope though.

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[quote=“Inconceivable, post:1, topic:1545275”]Ever have a moment like this where you realize you’ve been doing something wrong for a long time?[/quote]I wouldn’t necessarily call it “wrong” (it’s just less damage, and it’s not like it was impairing you from playing, no?). When I was first cutting my teeth on the game though, there were a great many nuances to the game mechanics that I don’t think I would have ever figured out if it wasn’t for this community. The game has a lot of depth in its game mechanics, some of which I’m still exploring to this day.


When I was using the conference call and bee combo for months after it had been patched. Also multiple times in the beginning forgetting to dig up claptrap, sometimes waiting around fifteen minutes before realising it

Yeah… not realizing Kunai triggered Death Mark until AFTER beating Digi, Hyperius, and Dragons on OP8…