Episode 2 Trailer - Lots of stuff to discuss!

Here it is my lovelies!

So we’ve been theorizing and talking like WILDFIRE over on the Telltale forums, but it’s been DEAD here! What’s the deal? Do we not care for the story here on the homefront?

The thing I’m most interested in is what we’ve seen of Athena here. Those fire-glowing eyes are the most obvious indicator. Not to mention she’s attacking the same people that Zer0 didn’t have a problem with. Did something happen since Handsome Jack’s death to make Athena turn on our Vault Hunters? Or is something else going on? Mind control by chance? Her grunt sounded almost inhuman by my ears.

My bet is on something Eridian. But don’t take my word for it. 15wongnh1 previously known as LawmanZero had a theory running that I’m really interested in! If he doesn’t take the stage to show it, I’ll copypaste it.

So come on guys, lets light this section on fire already!


I’m waiting until episode 2 comes out and it drops in price to get it. Telltale has a history of inconsistent release dates and with the 4 month delay it will probably be at least 33% off when episode 2 releases.

I hope I get to give AI jack a hard time! If I get the chance, I want to jab that thing hard lol!

The glowing eyed Athena also has be a bit puzzled. The one thing I wonder about is if Atlas is not truly gone. They could have been hiding and buying their time for the right moment. They could of hi-jacked Athena.

You can copypaste my theory in.

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Ah NOOOW I recognize you! I knew you mostly by your avatar, you’re that guy! Cool!

Either way, here’s 15’s whole theory that he had on the Telltale forums then. I liked it!

I’ve been spending time lurking on the TFTBL forums and have been enjoying reading the different theories. Not to mention the posters there can be quite funny and entertaining.
I’m so excited to see how its all going to play out. I would love to see more of Vault Hunters make appearances (Mordecai PLEEEASE!). The first episode with Zer0 was amazing!
I know some people are pissed about Episode 2 taking so long but I’m patient as long as it is worth the wait. I’m hyped after seeing the trailer yesterday. I’m sure it’s going to be everything we’re hoping for.

Trailer. So. Short. Arrg! Want More.

Too many pauses? Think it homage to Tell Tales scheduling :stuck_out_tongue: (dam zippies) I did see that reps from Tell Tale have dropped into the forum to offer some info and I liked that the forum seemed a little better respected by them. Felt there was a bit of a vacuum in the past.

I feel for them (TT) actually since they have ‘Big Things’ going on and Gearbox’s release of Homeworld must have factored into scheduling somewhere, the intricacies of dealing with other companies IP’s I guess.

Back OT: Could Athena’s eyes just glow red after using action skill and taking fire-fire? Still, a connection with Atlas would be a definite really. How long before General Rancid Echo’s make an appearance?

Highlights for me will be: reply to Jack dialogue, Scooter and Rakk Hive!!

The title Atlas Mugged COULD just be referring to Athena. It’d make sense for Fiona and Sasha to steal something from someone. Perhaps they stole something important from Athena?


Also, I want to see him use the Unforgiven Masher in combat, and reconcile with Moxxi.

If she is a Digistructed Athena? Since she was trained by Atlas, maybe the company made a copy of her and the protagonists trigered something in that Secret Atlas Building.

PS Imagine Brick being corrupted… I would leave Pandora for ever!

The situation would become much, much worse if most of the Vault Hunters were chasing after the protagonists so they could eliminate any competition in order to claim the Vault.

Zero doesn’t give about the protagonists, though, so he could be immune or something. Plus Claptrap.

Or Fiona’s exaggerating again.

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Hell yeah ( except the Moxxi part, she doesn’t deserve him)!

I don’t think even Maya will do much to stop Brick.

Holy Rakk Hive.

Ok, definitely something freaky going on with Athena looking all badass Terminator here.


You bet your ass.This is what I want to know is going on!


Yep, something may be actually corrupting the Vault Hunters.

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If they fight her, then i hope they don’t make her weaker just so the others stand a chance.

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ign have 9 sneak peaks (stills) at TftBl ep2

This one jumped out at me.

I hated those Atlas drones! Also, one step closer to Knoxx Echo logs I tells Ya!

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Kind of looks like a Star Wars reference.

Atlas were probably into Star Wars, along with Greek Mythology.