Episode 4's Feels (Spoiler Alert)

So…jack is back on Helios? The Hell?

Just finished this up… lots of mixed feelings about the ending of the episode. Its Rhys but Jack?



But it’s not really Jack, is it? It’s Nakayama’s Jack AI, which may turn out to be a bit… off (if Nakayama’s other projects are anything to go by.) What was the line? “That’s the diet soda of immortality!”

But yeah, things will obviously go from bad to worse at the start of ep. 5.

As for Scooter: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I can not wait for episode 5, But anyways, This has to be my favorite episode so far cause I always wondred if this will impact the Borderlands story line and they proved it by killing off Scooter, it showed me that no one is safe in the Borderlands universe. I cried a little when Scooter died Also I loved the Cowboy Bebop reference “See ya, Space Cowboy.” Never expected it lol


Is it my imagination, or does the Jack AI not seem to realize that Angel and Nisha are dead?

i’m guessing nakayama did the “backup” sometime before bl2 but after tps.

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Makes sense, as he would have had to make substantial improvements from the version we saw in TPS! Although it’s also possible - especially given Nakayama’s track record - that Jack had someone else do the backup.