Epoa's Stock of Horrors (FREE STUFF)

Hey all, Epoa here (EGS tag: LordEpoa). I’m swimming in too many guns and I’ma need to offload a few. Now, I could just sell them to one of the vendors and be done with that, OR you can come take them off my hands. If you have something in my wants section, I’d appreciate a trade, but you don’t need to offer me something to get something.


Just to repeat, you do not need to give me something to get something. If you see something you like post.

-I generally run on a first come, first serve basis, but there can be exceptions to this. The exceptions may include you not responding in a timely manner (I’m lenient and usually give about 2 days-ish) or someone else offers me something on my wants list for it.

-I live in Florida. You do the time math. I tend to work long-ish days, but I have weekends off. I usually get home around 4-5 pm my time.

-I only deal in level 50 wares for the Time Being (the Time Being has elected to set 50 as the max level for now, so that’s what I’m sticking with).

-I’ll try to update this regularly to add anything new I may obtain. I will try to remove images of items that others took in a timely manner.

-IMPORTANT NOTE: I use my bank to store things. Until the patch fixes the issues with the bank deleting its contents from joining other games, I will not join someone’s session, they must join mine. Because of this, I’d recommend you keep your bank clear.

Last Stand Otto Idol (preferably with a +21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate, but I dunno if that’s possible)
Infinity with either an anointment for Zane or a general anointment

Haves :


I’d just like to reiterate that you don’t need to give me something in return if you don’t want to. I figure I’d rather give people something they may want rather than just sell this stuff to the vendor.

Got a shock recurring hex or a crossroad smg I could take off your hands by any chance?

I have a shock recurring hex, yup!

can i get that conference call off your hands?

okay sweet! I just sent you a request on epic I can get on whenever :smiley:

Accepted! I’m on right now!

@marcusbmhs it’s all yours!

thank you for that man I really appreciate it <3

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m8rc0p0l0 is my epic

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@marcusbmhs Accepted your request

@Nurros glad to be of help!

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thanks bro i appreciate very much

can i get that shield also?


Heya. I have two anointed Infinities. The first is shock with phasegrasp anointment. The other is cryo with ASE 100% dmg.

I don’t see anything in the “Haves” section, and I know I’m asking extravagantly, but I’m looking for a Redundant Brainstormer with incendiary mags or ASE 100% dmg anointment and an Anointed Recurring Hex (any element will do, cryo pref).

I will understand if you laugh in my face xD

I’ll keep an eye out for those. I’ve historically just thrown Brainstormers in the sales bin, so I’ll have to start paying attention to those. As far as Hexes go, I have yet to get an anointed one, but I’ll keep my eyes out.

And if I do get ahold of something you want, I am interested in that cryo infinite.

hmmm… just bc this thread exists, i’m gonna send you the Cryo Infinity. What’s your epic ID?

I appreciate it! My ID is LordEpoa

I did some farming yesterday, but the only Brainstorms I found were all electric and unaugmented.

no worries :slight_smile:

All Brainstormers are shock. I’m looking for the anointment of incendiary mags or ASE 100% dmg

Any chance you might an anointed Roisen’s Thorns hanging around?

Hey do you have any of these guns anointed with 50% more cryo dmg when stnl is active?
Cryo Crossroad
Cryo NightHawkin w/ 4shot burst mode
Cryo Queen’s Call
Cryo Laser Sploder