Equipable Attachment's Idea / Shield Parts/RNG/Melee Weapon Improvement's

I got this intresting idea yesterday when i was looking through some post. What if you had a higher chance to get specific loot by how your inventory looks like. Ex: You have an smg instead of getting a grey pistol you have a higher chance to get an Smg. However this could mess up RNG badly just an idea . Also if you could pick up attachments and pick them up. And lastly . Shield parts as well as melee weapond Ex: Legendary sword or something. Ex Bee with sham . make for ton’s of damage.

Is this a good idea?

There were some rumors about weapon parts being drops of some kind, and some degree of gun customization. Can’t remember where I read it though, and it didn’t go into detail.

As for the rng being weighted based on your loadout, it’s kinda cool, but what if I’m looking for something that isn’t like what I already have? Probably better to just have an equal chance for everything, and let players mitigate rng some other way (the grinder in TPS, for instance, let you effectively reroll weapon types if you had 2 of them).


There is a rumor that we’ll be able to change out weapon parts with Earl at an eridium cost. This to me seems like the ideal long term sink for the specialty currency.