Equiped gun disappeared


I was playing DLC4. Cooperative. Pick up a better hellfire shotgun. Equiped. Advance on the screen use it. And when I reach the next saving point it disappears .

Please help


Disappears straight out of your equipped slot while playing, or after a save/quite/resume?

And was the Hellfire a game drop or something one your coop partners dropped for you?


Thanks for the replay. Was a world drop. And i notice that disappear after a save point



Really not sure why it would disappear if it was a genuine world drop. The only thing I can think of is that if you have a full backpack and hold the ‘pickup’ button too long, it will swap and drop your equipped weapon for the pickup item. Unless you noticed quickly and go back, it can end up disappearing for good (because dropped items don’t go in to Lost Loot)

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Well the backpack was not full. I even run all the way back to check if I dropped it by mistake