Equipment & loot questions

  1. I’ve got two Sticky Homing BB grenades that have the exact same stats, but different manufacturers. In the case of (basic) grenade types made by multiple manufacturers, is any one grenade’s performance affected by a particular manufacturer?
  2. I’ve got two Skookum Muckamucks that have the +damage on the item card, but one’s a purple with +16% while the other is a blue with +30%. What gives?
  • OP8 (purple) – Jakobs barrel, Maliwan grip, Hyperion stock; Hyperion scope; +16% weapon damage
  • OP8 (blue) – Jakobs barrel, Maliwan grip, Jakobs stock; Jakobs scope; +30% weapon damage
  1. Kind of a minor (or even non-)issue, but I’ve noticed that boxes fail to spawn inside Dr. Zed’s clinic in Sanctuary whenever I load up my Gaige. What happened?
  2. Between two Klook Diaubs that I have, is there any significance to the green one at Lv72 with 5.3 fire rate having a revolver-type cylinder while the purple @ OP8 with 4.9 fire rate has a side-mounted clip, which is also used on the two Skookum Muckamucks mentioned above?
  • OP8 Klook Diaub (purple) – Vladof barrel, Hyperion grip, Jakobs stock; Vladof scope; 4.9 fire rate
  • 72 Klook Diaub (green) – Vladof barrel, Vladof grip, Vladof stock; Hyperion scope; 5.3 fire rate
  1. I might’ve asked this before, but what’s the reason for the Tesla/Storm Front/Quasar attacking the Minecraft blocks the way they do? Basically, they go nuts, but ultimately don’t do nothing.
  2. If a mod has a positive effect on one trait but a negative one on another, is it ultimately worth it to use relics/skills to (attempt to) offset the negative effect?:
  • Gaige – Anarchist/Legendary Anarchist (Gun Accuracy), Punk (Magazine Size)
  • Maya – Banshee (Max Health), Cat/Legendary Cat (SMG Accuracy)
  • Salvador – Raider/Titan/Legendary Titan (Shield Capacity), Renegade (Pistol Accuracy)
  • Zero – Sniper/Legendary Sniper (Shield Capacity)
  1. Kinda an old one that still bugs me:

Note sure about #1

Probably different parts, assuming that they’re also the same level. See here and links therein for more.

Did you progress in the story? A few things get moved around between Sanctuary as you first encounter it and following “Rising Action” at the end ot “A Train To Catch”. Scooter’s garage also undergoes a couple of changes, as do a few things on the way to the front of Moxxi’s bar.

1 is both Bandit and Dahl make BB grenades and to my knowledge they aren’t different from one another in any way.

@VaultHunter101 I updated the previous with the weapons’ parts descriptions. That aside, I thought the Muckamuck had a +16% default, increased to +30% by the Skookum prefix/accessory.

Maliwan grip apparently gives increased elemental effect chance, while a Jakobs grip boosts damage but penalizes fire rate, reload speed, and increases recoil. The stocks also have an affect on sniper stats - check the details in the visual parts posters

On 4: Vladof grip boosts fire rate while Hyperion affects other stats.

Apart from spelling accuracry? :wink:

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@VaultHunter101 Certain pics wouldn’t show. The thing likely isn’t formatted right, and there’s no way (TMK) to fix it, so I went with the infographics instead:

Assault Rifles: Pistols: Rocket Launchers: Shotguns: SMGs: Sniper Rifles:

Re. #4, I kinda figured about the grip. Question was about the magazine – I just noticed it as I was IDing parts.

??? The link I gave you in my post just above was to the same set of posters you just reposted…

What are you referring to by “The thing likely isn’t formatted right,”? If it’s in my post, I can fix that…

I see what you’re talking about now. Yes, some of the images disappeared from the old forums without warning - probably they were links to pages/services that no longer exist. I intend to update my post at some time, but there’s other things I need to finish as well!

Weird. I thought I clicked on a link that sent me to a parts spotter’s thread in the oldforums. By it not being formatted right, I was meaning that some pics of the sniper barrels wouldn’t show.

Not sure about that - would need to see a pic. If you can find a similar one in the relevant variants chart on the borderlands wiki, you could link that.

@VaultHunter101: Side-mounted clip (with 4 rounds):

Revolver-type cylinder:

First one looks like the fire rate accessory, which gives the “Klook” prefix on Jakobs snipers.

The second image you posted is the unique Gearbox sniper that you can get. You’ll notice there’s no level requirement on it. I’ve not seen that part crop up on any sniper other than the starter weapon. Do you remember how you got yours?

Edit to add: the Gearbox prefix part, anyway - you can get other Gearbox prefix snipers.

@VaultHunter101 It’s been ages since I got that revolver Diaub. As it’s a Lv72 green, it was either a field drop or from the weapon VMs.

Re. Gaige and Zed’s clinic, I didn’t figure that out. The game just refuses to spawn boxes in there for her, but everyone else seems fine. The only other issue I had with her was that one where the door in Southpaw refused to open during the Assassins run, preventing quest progression.

Well, it sure is an oddity!


I’m going to revise my opinion on this one, as I just found a white level 30 Ee’nastick Diaub in the vending machine with the same revolver barrel: Vladof barrel, Hyperion grib, Jakob’s stock. The prefix matches the grip, and there’s otherwise no accessory visible on this thing.


@VaultHunter101 Personally, I like the appearance of the revolver cylinder over the clip.

Didn’t actually pick it up: Dmg = 1321, Acc = 93.6, FR = 1.2, RS = 4.2, Ammo = 7.

Edit: Just saw a Muckamuck with the same revolver feature on the body.
Edit 2: and another Muckamuck…
Edit 3: I’m starting to think that’s a standard Jakob’s thing, unless replaced by an accessory?

@VaultHunter: LOL, your edits just keep snowballing…

But that’s cool. Any little bit helps.

The type of mag a Jakobs sniper has is determined by its rarity. All white, green, and the Elephant Gun have cylinder mags. And all blue (besides the Elephant Gun), purple, legendary, pearlecent, and Seraph Jakobs snipers have the block mag.


@khimerakiller: Well, crap.

I wantz the purplez…! :smiley: …but I likez them cylinderz…! :frowning: