Equipment not working in pvp!

Ok, I play pvp quite a bit and this happens to me 3 out of 5 matches when I’ll buy my gear and then I’ll die and my gear is showing it hasn’t been bot and you can’t buy it back. This happens to my whole team all the time.

Anything gearbox???

Anything battlebron fans.

Think it’s just a glitch. Think it’s activated but just says it’s not.

I’ve thought that too but when you bring the menu screen up it also shows your item not equipped.

I still think they are applied it just shows it like that. That’s what I’ve heard at least. Easy way to figure it out would be to try to duplicate the glitch with max health item and see if it takes away your max health.

I’ll try the health item idea.

This was a bug fixed after we had already wrapped up the patch released this week. It will be fixed in the next client side patch.

You’re gear is still active, it’s just a UI bug.


thank you for the reply