Equipment with depleted shield buffs

So I always just assumed gear with ‘X’ bonus while shield depleted automatically become effective for Eldrid. I used a healing power bonus with extra healing power when shield depletes so I couldn’t actually tell if it was working, but I have recently added a buildable cost reduction while shield is depleted and buildable are still the same price. Anyone know if the gear is supposed to work for Eldrid?

It doesn’t unless you have a gear that gives you a shield. It used to give Kelvin a bonus but they changed that.


Technically you don’t have a shield to be depleted :disappointed:

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Eldrid have 0 shield, so it’s never depleted. Sorry.

Like Blaine says, kelvin used to be able to use it (because he technically has a shield, just with negative shield recharge), but they said that was ‘unintended’ and took it away from us. :frowning: It was the one thing i was good at as kelvin since i cant use his skills XD


Thanks for the replies. That really clears things up. Although now I’m realizing the Miko load out I’ve used since release hasn’t actually been working :joy:


I was super bummed when they changed that exploit but I completely understand why they did. It wasn’t intended and it gave Kelvin an advantage in picking gear.

Kelvin is smooth as butter. He just takes some getting used to.

What system are you on?

And on topic, I was disappointed to find Eldrid can’t take advantage of those “shield depleted” gear types, but then again, -shield recharge gear makes it easy for Eldrid characters to get good gear equipped at a cheaper share cost with no negative effects to your character, along with -Reload for melee characters. So I don’t have any issues with it.


Such is life ¯\(ツ)
I first thought you had to use nullify then a pillar for the cooldown reduction. I thought her passive was basically useless :joy:

I play on ps4. PSN ID is Apophis_SunEater.

Kelvin can take advantage of negative reload, shield per second, shield delay, and recoil gear.

Jennerit packs drop negative reload

Eldrid packs drop negative shield

I think rogue packs drop negative recoil.

Jennerit gear have negative recoil.

Can Kelvin take advantage of minus heal power? I know that the devs said that heal power had no effect on life steal but I wonder how that interacts (if at all) with Permafrost.

Apophis we actually use to play together!

Awesome! Who did you main? What’s your PSN ID?

Under the amount healed section Kelvin always has some numbers on the board but its not a lot. You could use -heal power and it wouldn’t effect much.

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Fair enough.

You’re right about the recoil.

Danny02sr, I usually go Miko but I’m branching out

How did you like my Kelvin? If you’re the Miko I’m thinking of then you did a fine job of keeping me alive. :grinning:

Best Kelvin I’ve played with for sure

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