Erid the Experiment (Full Vault Hunter Concept With Art)

Disclaimer: The following is a fan character for a potential sequel to the Borderlands franchise and only considers mechanics of all thus far released games, with a focus on the Pre-Sequel. Staying true with the thus far established lore, meme-tastic humor and gameplay, efforts to balance this fan character as much as possible have been made without sacrificing what makes him fun and powerful. Having taken several general complaints into consideration, this fan character has many more synergizing non-passive gamechanging abilities at his disposal, especially in terms of those that change his appearance like ‘Wilhelm the Enforcer’.

Please feel free to make suggestions. I am always happy to hear them. A nice comment is of course appreciated as well : 3

##Character Summary:
Erid is a literal jack of all trades, though instead of sacrificing great powers for mediocrity, everything at his potential disposal can be combined to create an unfathomably powerful character. With extremely high DPS, powerful and fast Melee, high Mobility, unseen Elemental Mastery, Indestructibility, outstanding Utility for his team and double / triple the amount of Gamechanging Skills, Erid is an universal force to be reckoned with for almost every play-style.

As a thus far inactive and ironic magnum opus of Jack’s slag experiments, Erid shares many personality traits with the dead ex-CEO of Hyperion. He revels in his own brutality and supremacy, constantly makes jokes at the expense of others and, as a child, cares little about anything else but himself. Still, deep inside his core is a confused and scared soul who wants nothing more than answers and affection.

Similar to Krieg, Erid has a multitude of voices, good and evil, inside his mind constantly clashing and attempting to dominate him at critical points. He often suffers from hallucinations outside of combat, reality shifting so everything but his prey fades from his awareness, even if they are only passive NPCs or companions. Ultimately, it is up to the player if he gives in to his instincts or grows as a person, and depending of their choice interactions and even outcomes of (personal) quests may change (such as survival or death of key characters to Erid). Even his own future fate may be affected by the average dominant choice (or lack there of) of the playerbase.

Also, similar to Wilhelm, his voice changes from normal to ethereal and deep the more he evolves. It starts off with something akin to ‘Zuko’ from the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and at his peak it resembles ‘Dark Star Thresh’ from ‘League Of Legends’. [All aspects of Evolution can be toggled on / off in Quick Change.]

##Concept Art:
(Made by the incredibly talented and customer-friendly Sicarius8 )


##Action Skill: Apex Predator
Press (Action Skill button) to conjure your ultimate weapon Apex Predator, which is a combination of all your Currently Equipped Weapons with an Infinite Ammo Reserve but Limited Magazine Size. Depending on the attributes of the fused weapons, Apex Predator gains different stacking Bonus Stats. Apex Predator is always a Fully Automatic Hyperion Assault Rifle, Slags enemies, and gains the Best Attachments and Full Elemental Properties except Explosive of the weapons it consists of.
- “I am the goddamn hero!”

Duration: 15 Seconds
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Manufacturers - Bandit: +30 Magazine Size | Dahl: +20% Recoil Reduction | Hyperion: +15% Accuracy | Jakobs: + 15% Critical Hit Damage | Maliwan + 20% Elemental Effect Chance | Tediore: +25% Reload Speed | Torgue: +7.5% Splash Damage | Vladof: +15% Fire Rate
Weapon Type - Pistol: +20% Recoild Reduction | Submachine Gun: +10% Fire Rate | Shotgun: +5 projectiles each dealing 2% damage | Assault Rifle: +10% Gun Damage | Sniper Rifle: +15% Accuracy | Rocket Launcher: +12.5% Splash Damage
Element: Slag/Non-elemental/Empty Slot/Explosive: +12.5% Gun Damage
Rarity – White/Empty Slot: +2.5% All Stats | Green: +5% All Stats | Blue: +7.5% All Stats | Purple: +10% All Stats | Higher Rarities: +12.5% All Stats

##Left Skill Tree: Hyper
Description: Hyper focuses on maximizing the power of Apex Predator, granting Utility bonuses to you and your team, and improving the potential of Grenades.

Tier 1:
Drumfire (5): Kill Skill. You and your partners gain 1 (per level) Ammo Regeneration for a short time. This is Doubled while Apex Predator is active. Apex Predator’s Magazine instead refills for the same amount.
Small Caliber (5): Increases your Magazine Size for all weapons by +10% (per level), but decreases your Gun Damage by -1.5% (per level)

Tier 2:
Curtain Fire (5): Increases your Gun Damage by +3.5% (per level), but decreases your Critical Hit Damage by -2% (per level). This is Doubled while Apex Predator is active.
Twitchy Twitch (5): You gain +3% (per level) Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed. For every active +1% Bonus Fire Rate from any source including Apex Predator, you gain +0.1% (per level) Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed.
Daaaaaw… Oh oh! (1): Melee Override. While standing still, you perform a Special Melee Attack that Charms enemies around you with your adorability for 3 Seconds, causing them to cease fire and hold still as long as you don’t actively attack in any way. Activating Apex Predator removes the charm and Dazes all charmed for 5 Seconds, reducing their movement speed and accuracy. This has diminishing returns on survivors. Can’t be activated during Apex Predator and has a Cooldown Of 15 Seconds.

Tier 3:
Badonkadonks For Everyone! (1): Grenade Override: Holding (Grenade Throw Button) causes you to Continually Toss Grenades with rapid speed. Additionally, grenades have -75% Fuse Time, and exploded grenades and killed enemies have a 25% Chance To Drop A Grenade.

Tier 4:
Thrill Of Ecstasy (5): After dealing Explosive Damage or Grenade Damage, you gain +2.5% Movement Speed and +10% Bullet Speed for a short time. This is Doubled while Apex Predator is active.
Trigger-Happy (5): Dealing damage with gun projectiles grants 1 Stack Of Trigger-Happy Per Projectile, up to a Maximum Of 999. Every stack grants +0.03% (per level) Fire Rate but reduces your Accuracy by -0.02% (per level). Stacks do not decay as long as you hold the trigger or throw grenades, but decay rapidly after 2 seconds of not doing so.
Mr. Torgue’s Prodigy (1): You instantly Refill Your Magazine After Tossing A Grenade and you can Throw Grenades While Sprinting. You also gain 1 Additional Grenade Capacity Per Grenade SUD you have purchased.

Tier 5:
Catch Me If You Can! (5): Kill Skill. While moving, you have a 4.5% Chance (per level) For Projectiles To Just Pass Through You for a short time. This is Doubled while Apex Predator is active.
Murderous Frenzy (1): Decreases the Maximum Duration and Cooldown of Apex Predator by 10 Seconds. Dealing Projectile Damage extends its Duration by 0.1 Seconds Per Projectile and dealing Melee Damage extends it by 0.4 seconds. Grants 1 Stack Of Murderous Frenzy every second and for every killed enemy. Each Stack increases Apex Predator’s stats except projectile count, splash damage and magazine size, and all Gun Bonuses from skills except Magazine Size by +1%. All Stacks are lost when Apex Predator ends.

Tier 6:
Through Psychotic And Manic (1): Activating Apex Predator Activates And Refreshes All Kill Skills For You And Your Partners, and kills made by either you or your partners Refreshes Everyone’s Kill Skills During Apex Predator. While Apex Predator is active, you get 25% Of All Active Kill Skill Gun & Damage Bonuses From Your Partners and they get 25% Of All Your Own Gun & Damage Bonuses, including Apex Predator’s bonuses except magazine size, splash Damage and additional projectiles. Penalties Are Not Affected Nor Shared!

##Middle Skill Tree: Slag Experiment
Description: Slag Experiment focuses on maximizing your power with Slag and All Other Elements, both with and without your weapons.

Tier 1:
Contamination (5): Increases the Duration Slag Lasts On Everyone by +12% (per level). Increases the Bonus Damage To Slagged Enemies by +5% (per level) and reduces the Bonus Damage You And Your Allies Suffer by -9% (per level).
Always Wondered Where They Hid It (5): Slagged enemies that are killed now burst in a Pile Of Ammo that can be picked up to restore ammunition for you and your partners worth 5% (per level) Of All Ammunition Pickup Types except rocket launchers.

Tier 2:
Yeah Science! (5): Shots you have fired at a slagged enemy have a 9% (per level) Chance To Be Instantly Refunded To Your Magazine, up to a maximum of the amount of ammunition your weapon consumes per shot. Does Not Work With Rocket Launchers. If your magazine is somehow full, well now it gets even fuller!
Slagged Solid (5): Slagged enemies under 50% Of Their Maximum Health are afflicted with a constant Cryo Status Effect that deals Minor Damage Based On Your level And The Level Of This Skill. This has -55% (+5% per level) Reduced Chance Of Freezing Enemies Solid.
Disease Vector (1): Projectiles that hit a slagged target release Darts from it that hit All Nearby Enemies. These Darts deal 10% Of The Original Projectile’s Damage and have a 10% Chance To Transfer An Elemental Status Effect.

Tier 3:
Elemental Beast (1): Unlocks HUD-element Element Wheel, showing which Elemental Status Effects you currently suffer. Activating Apex Predator while suffering at least one Elemental Status Effect or gaining at least one while conjuring Apex Predator grants you an Elemental Aura of the same type. Multiple Auras can be active at once, being highlighted on the Element Wheel. For the full duration of Apex Predator, you gain Immunity To All Aura Elements and your Melee Attacks deal +10% Elemental Damage for every aura. You also emit Elemental Shock Waves Every 2.5 seconds that apply Elemental Status Effects which deal low damage based on your level. If you suffered no status effect, you will only gain a Slag Aura that emits Slag Shock Waves without the elemental damage bonuses.

Tier 4:
Patient Zero (5): Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes Elemental Status Effects You Apply Or Have Applied To Transfer To You As Well. Only One Of Each Element can affect you at once, and the weakest take precedence. Also gives +25% (per level) Elemental Effect Chance for a short time.
Extermination (5): Against slagged enemies, your Gun Shots and Melee Attacks Ignore Armor and deal 0.25% (per level) Of Their Maximum Health as bonus damage. You only deal 25% of that against badass enemies and 1% of that against bosses.
Elemental Fuel (1): As long as an enemy is Slagged, their Elemental Status Effects will not cease.

Tier 5:
Rainboom (5): When applying an Elemental Status Effect that is not Slag, your Gun Projectiles and Skills have a 1.5% (per level) to apply All Other Elemental Status Effects Except Slag And Cryo as well, all of which deal same damage over time.
Purple Haze (5): Whenever an Elemental Status Effect Except Slag deals damage to a slagged enemy, there is a 0.1% (per level) Chance for the enemy to emit a Slag Burst that applies slag to it and all nearby enemies.

Tier 6:
Slagsplosion (1): Killing a slagged enemy causes them to explode in a Slag Nova-Singularity, pulling nearby enemies closer, dealing damage and Slagging All Enemies. For every other type of Elemental Status Effects the killed target was afflicted with, the nova deals an additional +20% Elemental Damage Matching The Element Types, and Spreads These Status Effects To Struck Enemies.

##Right Skill Tree: Evolution
Description: Evolution focuses on the Physical Transformation Of Erid, granting many Gamechanging Skills, great Melee abilities and Sustain. Most of all, it grants The Choice.

Tier 1:
Rabid (3): Your can now continually Chain Melee Attacks by holding the (Melee Attack button). Additionally, your Melee Attack Speed is increased by +12.5% (per level). This is Doubled while Apex Predator is active.
Slagged (1): Evolved Claws. Your Melee Attacks Slag Enemies and gain 1 Meter Extra Range.
Chubby (1): You gain +15% Maximum Health. For every Evolved aspect you gain an additional +5% Maximum Health.

Tier 2:
Steak Purple Rare (5): Killing a slagged enemy Heals You For 2% (per level) Of Your Maximum Health, and an extra 3% (per level) Of Your Maximum Health on kills with Melee Attacks.
Roid Rage (5): Kill Skill. Killing an enemy Prevents Your Shield To Recharge for a short duration. For the duration, you gain +5% (per level) Gun Damage and Movement Speed and +15% (per level) Melee Attack Speed.
Thresher Lash (1): Evolved Arms. Your first Melee Attack during Apex Predator gains 10 Meters Extra Range And Hits All Enemies Around You. Every 5th Melee Attack hitting an enemy in quick succession gains the same effect.

Tier 3:
Badass (1): Evolved Figure. When activating Apex Preadator, you transform into your Badass/SuperBadass/Ultimate Badass State for the full duration. This increases your Size and Apex Predator’s Stats except projectile count by +10/15/20%, increases your Melee Damage by +50/75/100% and grants +50/75/100% Damage Reduction. After killing your first Super Badass Enemy, this skill is permanently upgraded. Killing your first Ultimate Badass Enemy permanently upgrades it again.

Tier 4:
Quarry (5): Kill Skill. Killing an enemy Draws Aggro from other nearby enemies and increases your Damage Resistance by +10% (per level) for a short time.
Skag Onslaught (1): Evolved Legs. You can now continually perform Melee Attacks While Sprinting. Increases your and your partners’ Movement Speed While Sprinting by +25% while Apex Predator is active. While moving, your Melee Attacks Deal +0.5% Damage For Every +1% Movement Speed from all sources you have, Doubled when Sprinting and Dashing.
Rakk Dash (1) Evolved Wings. Melee Override: Performing a Melee Attack while in midair and an enemy is under your cross-hair will make you Dash Forward A Long Distance and deal +50% Melee Damage. This has a Cooldown of 10 seconds, but is refreshed when the dash scores a kill. You can activate Apex Predator during The Dash without interrupting it, and it can be combined with Thresher Lash. Additionally, holding (Jump Button) while in midair Drastically Slows Your Descent from now on.

Tier 5:
Spiderant Armor (5): You take -1% (per level) Reduced Damage To Your Health for every Evolved aspect, but your Shield Capacity is reduced by -10% (per level).
Hematophagy (5): Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you 0.5% (per level) Life Steal. This is Tripled for Melee Attacks.
Stalker Camouflage (1): Evolved Hide. When entering combat, you instantly Remove All Aggro from you and Turn Invisible For Up To 5 seconds or until you fire a shot, throw a Grenade, Utilize A Skill or activate Apex Predator. The First Critical Hit Before Turning Fully Visible deals +100% Critical Hit Damage. This has a Cooldown of 30 Seconds.

Tier 6:
Primordial Bioweapon (1): Evolved Existence. Pressing (Action Skill Button) while Apex Predator is active causes you to Leap High And Fire A Massive Laser For 4 Seconds Consisting Of The Elements Of Apex Predator. For the purpose of other skills The Laser Counts As A Gun Projectile, and The Higher Apex Predator’s Current Fire Rate Is The More Frequent The Laser Deals Damage. This can be done Only Once Per Activation Of Apex Predator And Halts Its Timer For The Duration. Additionally, you get 1 Special Skill Point that can only be spent on one of The Choices.
The Choice – Person (1):* Can’t be unlocked with normal skill points. Erid comes to terms with himself and is finally at peace. The evil voices are no longer haunting him, as aren’t the visions. Your Total Maximum Health, Shield Capacity and All Forms Of Regeneration are increased by +20%. Additionally your Bleed-Out Timer In Fight For Your Life Never Shortens Due To Being Crippled In Rapid Succession, and Reviving A Partner Refreshes Their Bleed-Out Timer as well.
- “The circumstances of your birth are irrelevant. It is what you do that determines who you are.”
The Choice – Weapon (1):* Can’t be unlocked with normal skill points. Erid embraces his nature and become one with the weapon within. The voices and reality itself shift to his instinctive desires, and he relishes every second of it. You deal +10% Damage With Everything, and Your Kill Skill Duration is increased from 7 To 14 Seconds.
- “I am god. If I say a man dies, he dies that same day.”

##Class Mods:
(Legendary) Invincible: + 10% - 35% Maximum Health | + 0.25% - 1.25% Maximum Health Regeneration Per Second
Skills: Steak Purple Rare | Quarry | Spiderant Armor | (Hematophagy | Catch Me If You Can)
Increases (11/11): 22% / 55% Maximum Health Regeneration Per Kill | + 110% Damage Reduction | - 11% - 77% Damage Taken To Health / -110% (- 100%) Shield Capacity | ( + 5.5% / 16.5% Life Steal | 49.5% / 99% Chance For Projectiles To Pass Through You)

(Legendary) Ordnance: + 10% – 30% Fire Rate | + 25% - 55% Recoil Reduction
Skills: Small Caliber | Curtain Fire | Trigger-Happy | (Yeah Science! | Extermination)
Increases (11/11): + 110% Magazine Size / - 16.5% Gun Damage | + 38.5% / 77% Gun Damage / - 22% / 44% Critical Hit Damage | Up to + 329.67% Fire Rate / - 219.78% Accuracy | ( 99% Chance Ammunition Refund | Up to 2.75% Maximum Health Bonus Damage)

(Legendary) Elementalist: + 10% - 25% Elemental Damage | + 15% - 35% Elemental Effect Chance
Skills: Contamination | Slagged Solid | Rainboom | (Patient Zero | Purple Haze)
Increases (11/11): + 132% Slag Duration / + 55% Slag Bonus Damage / - 99% Slag Bonus Damage Taken | 0% Reduced Freeze Chance | + 16.5% Multiple Elemental Effects Chance | ( + 275% Elemental Effect Chance | 1.1% Chance For Slag Burst)

(Legendary) Bullet: + 0.5 – 2.5 Team Ammunition Regeneration | + 15% - 40% Magazine Size
Skills: Drumfire | Twitchy Twitch | Always Wondered Where They Hid it (Small Caliber | Yeah Science!)
Increases (11/11): + 11 / 22 Team Ammunition Regeneration | + 35% (+ 1.1% per 1% Bonus Fire Rate) Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed | Ammunition Piles Worth 55% All Pickups | ( + 110% Magazine Size / - 16.5% Gun Damage | 99% Chance Ammunition Refund)

(Legendary) Flash: + 15% - 40% Melee Attack Speed | + 15 – 50% Reload Speed
Skills: Thrill Of Ecstasy | Catch Me If You Can! | Roid Rage | (Twitchy Twitch | Quarry)
Increases (11/11): + 27.5% / 55% Movement Speed / + 110% / 220% Bullet Speed | 49.5% / 99% Chance For Projectiles To Pass Through You | + 55% Gun Damage / + 55% Movement Speed / + 165% Melee Attack Speed | ( + 35% (+ 1.1% per 1% Bonus Fire Rate) Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed | + 110% Damage Reduction)

##Background Story (Lost Echos):
Recording 1:
Handsome Jack: You’ve kept me in suspense long enough, Sammy. Time to show what you got for daddy Jack, eh? And please… make it worth my time, yes?"
Dr. Samuels: O-of course, sir. Initiating release-protocol.
-many noises of futuristic machinery can be heard, as well as a cryo-capsule opening-
Dr. Samuels: After years of experimentation on… bandits… your ‘Plan B’ has taken form. May I present you, urgh… Erid.
Handsome Jack: What’s your problem with its name? It’s genius! Eggheads like you just got no creativity and…
-long, dead silence-
Handsome Jack: What the hell is this thing? Is this supposed to be a joke, because we are not amused, Sammy.
Dr. Samuels: No, sir. This is indeed it. The most perfect mix of alien gene material and science based on eridian technology from Elpis’ vault someone could afford to create. It’s a living bioweapon, just like you ordered.
-cute puppy noises can be heard-
Handsome Jack: This fluffy baby, really? And this is supposed to make bandits s*** bricks? I mean where are the sharp teeth, and weapons, and the pizazz?
Dr. Samuels: It was the only way to fulfill your demands. It was you who wanted a weapon based on eridian design that could do much more than humanly possible while not being gigantic.
Handsome Jack: Yes of course I want that for obvious reasons, but I did not want it that small! And what’s up with the fur? You’ve ever been on the ECHOnet before? Do you know what people out there think about hair that is longer than an inch? It’s the most disturbing thing you’ll ever see, trust me. Why do you think I enforce mandatory baldness on all my engineers? Hyperion is serious business, no yiff fest, capiche?
Dr. Samuels: I… think I understand, but the fur was necessary as a storage for its super-complex genetic code. 63 helices can’t just be…
Handsome Jack: Yeah whatever, it’s a failure. Just throw it in the grinder or whatever. I’d rather stick to my vault than embarrass myself with…
Dr. Samuels: It’s still evolving!
-short, dead silence-
Handsome Jack: Go on.
Dr. Samuels: The weapon is still in its infancy. To stabilize its powers, it needs to grow and learn to control its abilities. Eventually, that should hypothetically get rid off the fur as well, as it should start to resemble your… vision. I personally recommend tests with insufficient test subjects first before setting it on bandits.
Handsome Jack: Oh why did you not say that from the start, Sammy? Let it train up a little, then kill some crimson cretins and baaam instant super-weapon. That sounds wonderful on so many levels you can’t understand, and you may take pride in having made my day. I should reward you… hmm… by any chance, does your wife like pretzels?

Recording 2:
Dr. Samuels: Test #07-11. Subject ‘Eridian Relentless Intergalactic Doomsday-Device’… creativity my ex-lover’s ass, Jack just jumbled these words together after he came up with the name that’s literally just the first syllable of…
-many growls of a variety of creatures can be heard, followed by Samuels’ sigh-
Dr. Samuels: The subject will now have its first real test in combat. Accepting Captain Cabrera’s… favor, I will now release him to a week’s worth of ‘unusable’ specimen of pandorian origin. Predicted expenditure of time is approximately 10 minutes, record set by… that one man who escaped. Beginning test now.
-After a brief moment of snarls, sickening noises of tearing flesh, breaking bones and animal screams can be heard among sounds of released energies-
Dr. Samuels: 7 seconds… huh. Well, I suppose that is that then. Handsome Jack will be overjoyed, and I… oh…
-sniffing sounds can be heard, followed by a quiet ‘arf’ of Erid-
Dr. Samuels: Unexpected puppy-love, probably a skag trait. Such loyalty and tameness was not calculated, but is excellent regardless.
-Dr. Samuels laughs while chuckles from Erid can be heard-
Dr. Samuels: Oh, you! Who’s a good boy, yes you are. But now, I want you to return to your cryo-pod for evaluation and further adjustments. You understand?
Erid: Yes, alpha.
-Fading sprinting can be heard-
Dr. Samuels: Oh… It learned speech, and what it said… I…

Recording 3:
Handsome Jack: Do you have everything you need in Nicoyami’s labor here on Helios to continue your work, Dr. Samuels?
Dr. Samuels: Did you just…
Handsome Jack: Yes or no?!
Dr. Samuels: Y-Yes, sir. It’s more than I could have ever imagined.
Handsome Jack: Good. And now, you will tell me that you still have remote access to the computers in the hidden bunkers of the Exploitation Preserve. Correct?
Dr. Samuels: Yes, sir. The bandits did not find it after they…
Handsome Jack: Yes, I know! We lost it, no reason to beat around the bush. Everything’s kaput and raided! Except of course… what truly matters.
Dr. Samuels: The weapon?
Handsome Jack: Exactly. And now… listen very carefully, because you better not make any mistakes this time, or I swear I will forget myself. Roland is dead, but… I want every single one of his bastard-idolizers to die a slow, gruesome death for what they have done to… to my Angel…
Dr. Samuels: I… am sorry. Nobody knew you had… What do you want me to do, sir?
Handsome Jack: You have access to Bloodwing’s, Lilith’s and… my daughter’s DNA. Integrate them into its being, as well as the data I sent you.
Dr. Samuels: I understand, but the data were recordings of your daughter’s brain activity.
Handsome Jack: … I should strangle you for mentioning her… but I still need you, so consider it your lucky day. Yes, I don’t want only its powers to increase, but also its mind. With Angel’s wisdom and memories, he will know exactly what to do.
Dr. Samuels: Won’t human sentience make it difficult for you to control him?
Handsome Jack: Maybe, but I don’t care. Because what’s revenge worth if it ain’t personal? I know it won’t bring her back, but… I, and especially my Angel… will… have… justice.
Dr. Samuels: I… see. However, the procedure of digital transfer and integration of all data will take at least a month. And even after that, it must repeat all tests to assure maximum functionality.
Handsome Jack: Yes, and I will open the vault soon. Just make sure that if anything goes wrong, it will destroy every corner of this s***-hole of a planet, f*** it the whole goddamn galaxy. Every vault hunter, every crimson raider, everyone who would even think about betraying me. Let it tear everything apart until nothing’s left.
-Dr. Samuels remains silent-
Handsome Jack: As for me… I have a date with fate. One I have prepared myself for since 5 years…
-Handsome Jack exits slowly, followed by Dr. Samuels sobbing-
Dr. Samuels: You damn psychopath. No… I was your last slave. My creation… Erid will be free to decide his own path. And when the vault hunters kill you too, then I hope the universe can forgive me for my years of submission to you. All the blood of innocent people spilled… his daughter did not want it either, the data makes that clear. I hope, if there is truly something good in what I did all these years, it’s within Erid, and I hope he’ll recognize that. This is my final recording before I attempt to flee. If I deserve it… then I’ll see my wife again. Good luck, Erid. I know you’ll make it. If you find this… I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you anymore.

Recording 4:
-Uncountable noises of impact, destruction and explosions can be heard for a long moment. The last of those noises is shattering glass and gas streaming out. A whispered ‘Wake up’ can be heard. Then everything fades into nothingness-
The Watcher: Wake up.
-moans of pain and confusion can be heard-
Erid: Creator… H-Heather?
The Watcher: Creator, yes. Heather, no.
Erid: Where is she… alpha? I just… I thought I heard her voice…
The Watcher: You wish to find your creator? Unfortunately, there is not much left of Hyperion, as you can see for yourself.
-a short moment of silence-
Erid: Y-yes… who… are you?
The Watcher: A construct, just like you my child.
-long silence-
Erid: I am no construct. My name is Erid.

##Patch Notes:

  • 1.00: Posted Thread
  • 1.01: Minor tweaks to skills and added clarification to avoid contradictions and confusion.

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