Eridian Artifacts

I’ve been a Borderlands fan since the first game landed and remain one with the amazing ‘3rd’ instalment but right now, for the first time, I am at at a loss to understand the new style artifacts.

Is there a layman’s guide on here somewhere? For example I dropped an artifact the other day which had an 89% damage boost but was it always active, or was it active when my shield was down or when I was sliding or slamming…

Completely confused, send help. Thanks!

Under your class mod there should be a place to put the artifact. It doesn’t get unlocked until you finish a certain level, which I can’t remember right now?? Anyone? Ferris?

Yeah, my artifact slot is available and I got a whole bunch of ‘em but I really don’t understand how they work. Which are passive/active etc?

The artifact should list when it’s active on the item card. Unfortunately they vary too much for any sort of quick general rule and no one has gotten around to writing a guide on them. Here’s the quick basics.

The actual item is composed of 3 separate parts.

Grabbing a random pic from google for illustration purposes:


The top section that says imbue slide with melee comes on all artifacts. The actual effect varies but there is always one, a lot of guides and info sites refer to this as the prefix. Note that the text at the bottom of the card is giving you further information on the effect.

Red Text

The middle section is exclusive to legendary (possibly any red text?) artifacts and adds an additional property. For legendary artifacts this defines the name of the artifact. In our example the name being Deathless and the effect being reserving all but 1 hp in exchange for shields.

The prefix and red text aren’t paired you can generally mix and match your prefix and red text effect, although I think there are certain restrictions (can anyone confirm this?).

Stat Rolls

These are random. The size of the boost they give is determined by the Artifacts level and the number of stat rolls you get is dependent on rarity.

If you’re looking for what possible artifacts are here is a database of the red text artifacts.

Does that answer your question?


Idk if it answer OP question but that list will certainly prove useful for me. thx.

Thanks - handy info but I still don’t understand how you know if the effects are passive - I refer back to the artifact which has an 89% damage boost - what I can’t work out is how/and/when that damage boost is active, on what element and if it’s happening constantly or if it needs to be triggered by an event (eg a slide).

The more obvious ones - where you fire sawblades when you slide are fairly obvious. It’s when there’s seemingly no externally obvious effect that it becomes more confusing.

Can you screenshot the relevant artifact as I can’t think of the one you refer to?

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Sure, I’ll post it up later - can’t get to my PC right now but really want to understand this so will pop it up here later, thanks!

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The only one I could think of offhand is the elemental projector:

This gives you bonus elemental damage for the element you’re suffering a dot from. Eg I get hit with a fire dot, then all fire damage I deal while the dot is active will gain a 90% damage boost.

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Ah, that’s it! What a muppet - the name should really have given it away ‘Projector’. Now it makes sense…looked at others, seemed to be related to slides, ‘auras’ and ‘spikes’, which now make sense. Thanks!

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