Eridian barrels? Do they have a max damage?

Does anyone have any facts about Eridian barreled rifles max damage and if there is one? With the new Terror ammo regen mechanic you can stop the need to reload on almost all weapons. This should allow The “increase damage the longer you fire” modifier to go on as I’m shure it is clip based where it resets on reload. I do not know if it is limited by “magazine size” like the Torgue sticky which will go off regardless if you reload or not. The terror activate regen itself will usually lock your ammo total in at a lower cap than the guns full magazine. I don’t believe it is percentage bases as I’ve had a 38 clip cap at 32 and a 35 clip cap at 25. So make shure to trigger it before your clip is used to prevent regen from capping halfway through the clip.