Eridian.... de-fabricator?

After months of wading though countless drops left on the ground I’ve come to the conclusion that I want an alternate fire mode for my eridian fabricator that sucks in loot from the ground and spits out money/eridium/ammo/health etc…
I know it would bring A LOT of complaints from people who destroy stuff by mistake (maybe it should not be able to suck in legendaries) but I would appreciate a vacuum cleaner for my slaughter shaft and for the ground level of the VIP tower :smile:


But then it would have an actual use… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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I would settle for an ability to ‘scrap’ loot into $ at discounted prices. Or may be FL4K pets having ability to carry stuff and haul it to Marcus if needed, a-la Torchlight.

Non-pet classes perhaps can buy a "loot smasher’ from Marcus that would do the same - convert unneeded drops into some currency. I’d use it.

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I’ve asked for a Rock-it-launcher that sucks up all the garbage loot and uses it as ammo before, they said it was too much like a fallout thing… never played fallout.
Anyway, I fully support this.

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Ha! I remember that gun in Fallout!

Sadly, the Fun Detector would Obliterate it.

Maybe it could be the next Grinder. Make it suck in certain weapon ingredients to have a chance to spit out a desire weapon/annointed chance I guess