Eridian Fabricator . Can i delete it?

it spend 1 slot. and atm I ran out space to keep . everything is I keep in my bag and bank . I already rethink manytime. and atm … emm… Is it effect to quest or anything or make me got bug ?
if I delete it. please advice.

thank you

You can put it on the weapon rack in the Heavy slot.

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You can ‘delete’ it no consequences, technically if you ever need it again you can just reset TVHM missions.

Maybe you could hang it on your Sanctuary Room instead though?

it does not take up a slot

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Marked mine as junk and sold it.

hi weapon rack is 1 slot too :o .
and yes I gonna sold it to vending machine. is it effect on any quest line ?
thank you

thank you so much meow

Felinena as Brandon says while in your back pack it does not take up a slot ever it does not count to the 40 total spaces. So you have no need to delete it carry it in your main bag forever.

I threw mine on display on the wall in my bedroom.

Now that I know that paying Typhon to use it is the only way to get a legendary from it does make it pretty useless though. Might as well sell it.

but what about the times you want to make it rain