Eridian Fabricator (letting Typhon shoot it)

So I have let Typhon shoot the gun 25 times. So far, only greens and white.

after watching videos I would have thought it would have dropped better stuff when he shot it.

Even on Mayhem 4 , it still doesnt have that high of a legendary drop rate.

If you notice in the videos theres mainly epic and legendaries laying on the ground? That’s because they have shot the gun so many times that the other colors have started to disappear. You can imagine how long you would have to stand there and let him shoot it for that to happen.


A very long time! I had a friend drop in who had way more eridium than he knew what to do with, so he just stood there firing the fabricator while I gathered and sold the lot. I don’t remember seeing a single legendary the whole time - just like Typhon, a lot of greens, but we did get a fair number of blues and iirc a few purples.

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