Eridian guardian, why protect

Why does the Guardian protect Zardpedon at the beginning? This is the same guardian that makes an appearance at the end of the game correct?

Zardpedon is trying to destroy the moon/vault the entire game why would the Guardian protect her or did I miss something obvious?

It only appears to save Athena for a dramatic foreshadow.

Zarpedon fails to keep Jack out of the vault, Jack gets to the vault, and triggers whatever dire chain of consequences Zarpedon tried to warn him about (but he refused to listen because GREED! POWER!). So now the Red Sentinel (I believe that’s how it’s referred to?) has to go with plan B. And that requires saving as many Vault Hunters as possible, because REASONS!

Will any of this make an appearance in BL3? Just have to wait and see…

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I’d be extremely disapointed if that wasn’t the case.

I can’t imagine BL3 not having Athena, Brick, Tina, Mordecaî, Lilith and of course this alien as NPCs or at least in the opening video. Oh and also all VHs from BL2, and that includes Gaige and Krieg of course…