Eridian guns question

Do they only come in green rareity? I’ve seen 20 or so today, and they are always green.

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There are a few in the Knoxx DLC that are other rarities (one blue, and a handful of legendaries, I think), but otherwise they’ll always be green.

That’s where I’m running around at now. But now I know to keep my eyes open for other colors. Thank you.

The blue and orange ones are super-ultra rare. The chances of you finding one are almost non-existent.

Yeah super-ultra rare might even be an understatement. There are some farmers out there (@panic_ I’m looking at you.) Who have like 500+ pearls and still haven’t managed to find all of them. So yeah more like you just hit the lottery rare I would say.

Yes, Blue Eridian Fireball:

I think I’ve stumbled on a half-dozen of them or so.

Yeah, I was worried to say “Rarest guns in the whole game,” but I would’ve been correct, huh?

And yeah, I’ve been playing BL1 since June 2014, and I’ve found 11 or 12 pearls. Wonder how long it’ll take before I find anything of Reaper or blue/orange Eridian rarity, taking into account that I’m always switching between all three BL games.

So, any rarity over green is the proverbial “hens tooth”. With my luck, I know I’ll never see any of them.

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Next question. Is the highest level class mods 55?


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Yeah you would be correct in calling the firebomb and stampeding splatter guns the rarest ones in the game. Rarest meaning guns as a whole not specific guns with specific parts. Mega cannons are about as rare as good pearls and the fireball is probably more common pearls like undertakers. Very very few people here can say they own a firebomb and or stampeding splatter gun. I own neither… FOR NOW.

Wait… 5 years of hardcore farming, and you’ve never found one?! Damn.

I’ve never found a single blue or legendary Eridian gun during my hundreds (and hundreds) of hours with BL1.

I’ve found 1 Blue Fireball.

But yeah Firebomb, Stampeding Splatter Gun and Mega Cannon might as well not exist.

But I have found 5 Reapers.

Well, I learned two things today - that Eridian weapons can actually come in other than green rarity, and that there are multiple elements. So I went and did some more BL1 and, although I didn’t find anything rarer than purple today, I did find both a fire and corrosive Eridian rifle - one fireball and one glob.

I’ve owned the game since it came out, and honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever found a blue or legendary eridian weapon

OK, well here’s my beginner question (just started the game, a real late-comer!) – Are these green Eridian guns even worth using? Found 3 in my PT1 end game (final mission @ level 35) yesterday – should I save or sell?

They can be usefull, but personally I’ve decided to skip on those.
Can’t talk about blue and orange eridians though.

They’re worth experimenting with at least. Some of the cannons can be very effective if you can compensate for the slow projectile speed. Some of the SMG and AR types are also quite good.

The biggest disadvantage is the recharge time, which always seems much longer than a gun reload. Weapon proficiency can compensate for that, but it takes a while to build up. (Hint: take an enemy’s health down with a regular weapon, then finish it with an eridian one; the killing shot determines which proficiency the XP counts towards.)

I’ll also add that you can go a while before finding another decent one, so you can out-level them fairly quickly. Well, the green variants at least - I’ve personally never seen any other rarity, and always thought that green was a bit misplaced for how often you come across any of them in the game.

yeah i’m using that trick to currently improve my launcher skill and to an extent eridian though not sure of the value of that if you can’t get the weapons to match.

odd that eridian weapons don’t have more variation as they can be fun but not so much if they don’t have the firepower