Eridian Slabs Bug

Hi, I’ve completed all trophy’s but I’m experiencing a bug that’s preventing me get platinum on PS4.

I’ve Deciphered all Eridian Slabs but the trophy didn’t drop. I’ve double checked all locactions.

I think the bug relates to the slab on sanctuary because when I check my progress in game it says 33/30 found.

I found a suggested work around that people have advised. It involves inspecting the slab at sanctuary again and when you get to 40/30 the trophy will drop. Unfortunately this does not work for me, the slab is no longer read, it is like is was before you complete the main campaign.

I actually went out of my way to complete this again on a second character but again the trophy didn’t drop! I’ve checked every location and am 100% certain I’ve got all 30 slabs on both characters. One is stuck on 33/30 and the other on 34/40 and still no trophy for me on PS4. Infuriating!

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I’m experiencing the exact same issue. It’s very frustrating and I hope someone look into to this so we all can get our platinum trophy or whatever is the equivalent for Xbox.