Eridian SMG weapons

Hi, I think Borderlands 3 Eridian SMGs don’t work well at all, any regular SMG works much better, I think you should check out these Eridian weapons.
In Borderlands 2 they work very well.


Erm, there aren’t any Eridian weapons in BL3. What Mfg are you talking about?
They are listed at the bottom of this page

Maybe they mean alien barrel weapons? (Which aren’t all SMGs)

if I mean the SMG with alien barrel. sorry.

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I am inclined to agree. They don’t seem to provide any actual benefit. Oh this alien barrel shoots those energy balls that the old e-tech SMG did, those were awesome. looks at damage, sees it consumes 2 ammo WFT is this weak crap? A doubled normal SMG would be better.

Yup, I had one that shot those blue balls w/2 ammo per shot. Sold it about 45 seconds after picking it up

Developers call them E-Tech in hotfix notes.

E-tech stands for Eridian Technology. Calling them Eridian weapons is reasonable.