Eridian takedown bugged or overtuned?

Just tried my hand at the new raid solo and I swear, it feels like they are using true takedown values regardless of anything. M10 gear with good anointments doing basically no damage to them.


Lmao. I just tried it in normal mode with two friends, we got ass f****d so hard by the third area that we are now receiving job offers from the porn industry.

It is a wonderful feeling, it’s like the first days of the Maliwan TD.


Agreed, I ran out of ammo so quickly and was just useless before I even hit the first boss!


Third area? I couldn’t even kill the manticores out the first gate.


Must be bugged cause takes forever to kill anything in there no point even trying of course they didn’t test this out lmao

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Thanks for that post, made me smile… and Moxxi gave me some applications, I’ll pass them out at our next get together.


Same. Ran out of shotgun, sniper and SMG ammo in the very first room, accidentially downed myself in the 2nd one and had not a chance in hell to get back up.

Those enemies most definitely have too much health for solo mode, it shouldn’t take me several hundred bullets with on-Mayhem anointed gear to kill a single pathetic mob that isn’t even a badass.

Gonna go down to maybe Mayhem 3 or 4 with my M8 stuff and see if it feels at least somewhat balanced then.


I’m playing with M10 gear on M6 and it feels better at least hopefully just to see what the drops are.


I was getting ready to say I turned down mayhem as well and even on m6 it felt like old school m10 true takedown. Absolutely insane. Props to all the amara mains that are going to be the only ones to complete this lol

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I’m playing MH1 with higher level gear… but can’t get beyond the first jumping part because I suck :unamused:

Got a perfect sandhawk and it feels like using a sandfeather. The mobs don’t care. I’ll turn of mayem to complete it hopefully.

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Just watched Joltzdude solo it on M10 (Normal, not “True” where it’s scaled to 4-player). He used Amara and his primary weapon was the Monarch.

How long did it take him??? I feel like even when people are able to finally get through it, it was designed to take up a lot of time. Farming it is going to be a huge pain.

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When i load the crystals, why the heck do i die 2 minutes later? o.O
Is there some kind of timer that i miss? Can not finish the takedown because i die when i load the crystals

You have to continuously move to each crystal so that they have enough charge not to explode. So you kind of have to move around to each one and charge them a little at a time or else you die. It’s a big huge pain, and takes a lot of time.


Maybe gbx is pushing it for co-op any 1 tried playing it with a group. I mean if you can even find a group.

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Uff…im a moron. Of course…they discharge once i turn of the switch. So i died because one crystal discharged completely.

Cmon gaiz those streamers on the borderlands show who havent even tried m10 were having a blast. Doing gud.

Use the Vanquisher n slide into enemies!

Or the newly buffed 10 gallon. Its l33t.

You guys arent sliding enough.


Just tried it myself with M10-M7 gear at Mayhem 7 and made very little progress. For the first time in forever I actually tried to use a corrosive weapon when I saw a yellow health bar and didn’t make a dent in it- usually my M10 Hellshock will take care of armor but not now. Will give it a few more tries before maybe going down a Mayhem level or 2… BTW, has anyone had only some of their gear have the new Mayhem levels applied to them? Some of the newest relics, shields, weapons and grenades I got from the Revenge of the Cartel don’t show their Mayhem level…

Only weapons will show mayhem levels as they’re the only ones currently adjusted for mayhem levels.