Eridian Vanquisher mods? They Don't Even Exist!

So, I think the game is trolling me. I have not seen a single Eridian Vanquisher mod in any of the games I’ve played after almost 600 hours. I have, however, seen about 25 Celestial mods throughout my gameplay (most of which were in vending machines and the others I just tossed class mods in to the grinder cause I had them).

Game, y u troll me so?

I got a Wilhelm one while doing the main story as Athena. RNG doesn’t want you to have one, apparently. :frowning:

RNG is a BIG TROLL in this game, but it has gifted me a couple of EV coms.

RNG is a troll in any BL game :wink:

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RNG is always a troll

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Like how for 7 months I was looking for a perfect Mercenary com w/ ammo regen, then ended up trading for one, then the next vendor I look in after the trade has a perfect Merc w/ ammo regen…

Most Eridian Vanquisher Mods are just gimped Celestials though. Or… more defensive versions of the Celestials.

Anybody finding only EV mods? If so, we should help each other out.

If you really want some, just get three purple coms and moonstone grind farm until you get what you want.

Grinder only seems to spit out Chronicler and Celestial Mods.

I’ve gotten many EV mods while farming. Eh, RNG strikes again!

Can one moonstone grind 3 purple class mods? Anyway, much easier to grind three orange ones: guaranteed Orange back & no moonstones needed. I’ve also gotten Eridian’s this way.

Yeah, you can moonstone grind 3 purples. I’ve done so while farming for purple weapons. All it tosses out are Chronicler and Celestial Mods, and I’m too lazy to alt f4 and keep trying. I’ve gotten about 5 Chronicler and 7 Celestial mods doing so.

Combine that with the dozen Celestials found in vending machines. I feel like I’m in Bioshock.
“Or tails”


I guess I can’t say I’ve ever seen a world/chest/boss drop of any Celestial mods either (vending and grinder only). The only reason I’ve seen Vanquisher is from farming the Stalker in R&D. Not sure of his drop rate… maybe 1 in 20? And he’ll drop for a random class, not necessarily yours.

RNG got me there too… Killed that d*** stalker well over 500 times. Only got 1 ever… Like to level up there after i turn in mission. Alot of xp can be had quickly.

Mine was completely opposite. I wanted celestial and got 3 back to back eridian doppelganger mods for my athena. What’s even worst is that I keep on getting frikken non elemental ivfs and Fatale everytime.

pfft i wish i could stop getting those. i want the celestial class mod but all i ever get is the vanquisher. Trade?

Have you tried alternating online/offline grinding. Seems to vary the outcome in my game. Although an ice IVF has alluded me…

Aaaand after a bit of farming yesterday I threw 3 more class mods in to the grinder and it spat out…another Celestial class mod. I then went to a vending machine and bought…another Celestial class mod. facepalm