Eridian Writing Bug

Just pointing out that there are 5 extra Nyriad logs after you get the 30 Eridian Writings deciphered. You have to go and scan the one in Sanctuary each time for each message I believe. The bug is that (at least for me) none of the messages played and I only found out about them because I watched a video that discussed lore and talked about these extra echo logs. This might also tie in with the Eridian Writings achievement/trophy bug. Hopefully Gearbox fixes this as I and others would have missed these logs and never known about them because their is no notification to go back to the one on sanctuary to get them (although that might be intentional to make it a secret little Easter egg thing) as well as the fact that they don’t play when scanning. So you would have to be just going through your log one day and stumble across them (probably never knowing how you got them) in order to find out they exist. I only point all of this out because these extra five are pretty important to the lore and are very foreshadowing.