Eridian writing missing from Konrad's Hold

I went back to Konrad’s Hold to read the Eridian writing in the level, which I had not done before, and could not find it at the spot indicated on the map. I’ve seen images/videos online of what it should look like when it’s there, and the Eridian writing symbol is not present in my game (see screenshots below).

I had already completed the mission “The Demon in the Dark” before entering the map, which allowed me to get to this place on the map. Did something change with the recent update?

I have also been experiencing a bug similar to yours, except more extreme. I have had the lost loot machine in sanctuary the eridian writing in meridian metroplex, and the eridium chunk at the end of the first vault disappear.

I’ve got a missing Typhon stash myself. Lots of weird things going on this update.