Eridian writing

Eridian writing achievement wouldn’t unlock so I couldn’t get the achievement for getting all the achievements.

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After you activate all Eridian writings, provided you definitely found them all, you may need to click on the one in Tannis’ lab a couple times. At least it worked for me when I had the issue on Xbone.

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Yeah I have them all. I will try this hopefully it works for me too.

I hope so too.

Thank you it worked.

I am glad. Btw there was a post a month or so ago where others speculated that the tablet has a couple hidden writing pieces in it and we are supposed yo click it after every couple writings (even though Tannis never tells us to.) Then they will just be added to the menu’s eridian writing tab. So if you want to hear them you have to scroll through the mess of writings in that menu.

I don’t remember if it really did give more writings. I was just remember clickining it made it glow and gave me the acheivement.

I believe it might? I went through the logs and counted at least 1 more than the maximum number shown in the challenge progress list.

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Thanks for double-checking.