Eridians, their Vault Creations and Elpis Fauna

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between some of the Eridian (presumable) creations and the native animals on Elpis?

The most obvious example is the Warrior being almost identical to the Kraggons. I think the ‘jumbuck’ from the Peepot mission might have even been some kind of baby/undeveloped ‘Warrior’.

Another example is the Destroyer, which strongly resembles the Shugguraths - lumpy body, big beam-shooting eyes, weird glowing pods, tentacles, you name it.

The next one is something of a stretch, but from the beginning Torks bore an uncanny resemblance to the Eridian Guardians to me - the same head, face, and similar insectoid, segmented body.

What I’m getting at is that the two vault ‘weapons’ as well as the Guardians themselves are all modified, weaponised versions of native Elpis animals, or at the very least, strongly inspired by them. We already know that they can modify and weaponise living things through the example of Sirens and additionally the Lost Legion.

Add that to the fact that they are all natives to the area that houses the most yet developed Eridian base and vault, and I think the Eridians’ base of operations in this area of the universe, if not overall, was Elpis. Their vault here has two very important functions key to the future of the story by 1) Informing the location of the Warrior and 2) as a consequence, giving information on the location of the other Vaults.

It will be interesting to see whether the Eridian creations on other planets and their moons (potentially featuring in upcoming games) are derived from their local animals too, or whether they will still be the Pandoran type.


Kraggons don’t look like the Warrior at all. Their shape is kind of similar but that is it.

Torks have no relation to Guardians except face.

Shugguraths have nothing in common with The Destroyer.

Also, it’s confirmed that Guardians are robots which look like Eridians by Lilith & Athena in the Holodome DLC.

Might look like Eridians.

To be fair, Kraggons have the same mouth structure. But so do skags, except they have a seam at the top of the head, not on the bottom. Maybe one of the concept artists at Gearbox is just really fond of mouths that open in 3 directions :smiley:

Did they say might? I forgot.

Kraggons: A bit of an understatement, they have the same general body shape, same mouth shape, similar distribution of eyes. Also made out of rock with the same floating bits along their spines. The differences can be explained by the Eridian modification. Out of the whole list this one is a no brainer.

Shugguraths: Its probably a stretch to say they are in-game directly related, but you can’t deny the visual and thematic similarities between them and the Destroyer. They are the same sort of Lovecraftian tentacled monster, even the name gives it away.

Fair enough.