Eridium and new DLC

So I just beat the dlc campaign and there is no place to spend or use eridium. Did I miss something? Cause I kinda thought there would be all types of games to play in a casino and a few would use eridium.

If not I’m disappointed that eridium (and cash) is still pretty much useless. As well as no fun games to play in a casino.

I have to agree …

Main game has two fun games I’ve found

Rollercoaster target shooter for a red chest

And on Pandora there is a bandit camp with a game that drops barrels and the ricochet like in a pin ball machine and you have to shoot them before they hit the ground .

Casino seems to have nothing at all

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In it’s defense the casino is a broken down mess at the moment. Maybe Moxxi will fix it up.

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Yeah I hope they add things to do as time goes on. So it looks like it’s being built back up Moxxi’s way

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That would be fun, I don’t think they’ll do it but it would be cool.