Eridium and Sirens Question (SPOILERS)

So, I’ve been confused about the nature of sirens and eridium. So, my question is this: Is prolonged exposure to eridium bad for sirens? In bl2 when we first find out about Liliths amped powers due to the use of eridium, she’s always drained afterward and almost acts like its a drug asking for a “pick me up”. In an echo with Roland she says she passed out a few times after using it. Then later when dealing with Angel, the eridium injectors are what’s keeping her alive. In bl3 it seems almost like eridium is like “vitamin D” for sirens. Like the way Tannis uses her eridium amplifyer, and how there was even a special “technique” on how to use eridium in Mayas book. Neither one seem drained after using it either. I haven’t come across any answers in my search and was wondering if anyone knew/ what your theory is.

I guess it’s like any other immune system. The more they used it. The more they got used to it’s side effects. To bad in the game you don’t really go to other places in Pandora. Like mining sights of Hyperion, Dahl, or Atlas

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