Eridium Broke, Only 5 Days In

After only five days of playing the Director’s Cut, I’m completely eridium broke and locked out of the raid boss. :frowning:

First off though, thanks Gearbox for the awesome new content. The “raid” is a fun fight, albeit easier than Wotan. Rerollable annoints make farming so much more enjoyable. New maps, mods, and artifacts, all excellent improvements. And new loot added to Arms Race makes me actually want to play it again. :sweat_smile:

But now that I’ve rerolled a handful of weapons and run the raid a dozen or so times, my year’s worth of banked eridium is completely gone after only five days of playing. Please drop the cost of rerolls and raid admittance significantly (e.g. like 10% of what it is now). It takes me at least 30 minutes to farm enough for another raid, and if I die to a dot after downing the boss, I can’t even collect the loot. Let me play the new content again! :sob:


I feel you’re pain , but if i can tell you something , just wait until they do something about it , 250E it’s too much for everyone , farming Eridium take so much time for not much

They need to fix Anoints ( Buff/Nerf/Remove a lot ) before reroll , we have maybe 70Anoints in the game for now , just wait… Play like usual , Eridiums will come with

Yup, 250 is a steep asking price when theres dozens and dozens of anointments that could be rolled, including ones for the three other VHs :l

I went through 12,000 out of the 15000 eridium I had… on day one… for one gun… and I didnt even get the right anointment =/


Cartel event is around the corner. You’ll be drowning in eridium then. If they’re smart they’ll make it permanent.


Man, how I feel you. Got my annoit on Plasma Coil after 1000E, but for Re-Volter I spent 17kE. Got bored with rolling and settled on sub-optimal annoits for 2 Torrents.

Anyway, I really want to revisit the Villa, it’s been too long…

It could be worse, like for example sitting on a stockpile of 50k eridium that you can’t do anything with.

I’m fine with the cost personally. i think of it as nice bonus, not the main attraction.

If it doesn’t prioritse annointments for the VH you currently play on it could be an issue though. I have only re-rolled on Moze, i have no idea how it’s like on the other VHs but it would sure suck if they kept getting iron bear annoints.


A random reroll system is not something you should use without prior thinking, first you need to priorize items by their actual difficulty to get, for instance reroll a one shotter first then the stinger and then re volter with good passives.

Second that should be the last resort to obtain what you need ( after you check black market, trade and have farmed couple of times if possible) also do not reroll something that you are currently using/ is usable as the original anoint is lost.

Third, as all for all gambling you need to set a limit to how many attempts you ll do otherwise you will burn your stock in one attempt, set it like 20 or 30 attempts, if you don t get what you want move to the next item and try back later after a day or so.


This is all well and good, but I dont think you’re keeping in mind a huge chunk of the community: console players, more specifically ones still playing on previous gen.

Telling these players, essentially, to go pound sand and continue farming dedicated drops with their 60 - 80 second loading screens (per run) just isnt a viable solution. The reroll machine was supposed to be the solution… but it really isnt. Now you look at PC players who can simply edit gear, give themselves 200k eridium whenever they want… and you’ll quickly see how frustrated we are. This isnt a knock against PC players, btw. You guys do you :slight_smile:

And man, theres just far too many anointments in this game for the machine to cost 250 eridium. The only it could be justified is if you were guaranteed NOT to roll anointments that are for the wrong character. Doing 32 rolls (8000 eridium) and half of my rolls were for other characters is nonsense.

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I am on PS4 :rofl:

The thing is this system was never meant to be the end of farming, just a way not to be completely cornered by anoint if you come across a good item


My points are still valid nonetheless lol

And it wouldnt be the end of farming, that’s not what I was trying to get at. People will still have to farm for A) The gun, B) The proper elements and C) the parts IF they care that much, which you should if going for like a x8 Monarch instead of x4. Plus, with the steep ass asking price and dozens of anointments, you’re still going to need buttloads of eridium to reroll.

But with the way it currently is, my main build has not been bettered in anyway by the machine. If anything, I’m far worse off thanks to not getting my desired anointment on the single gun I attempted after 8k spent (roughly 30 rolls). And before you ask, yes, I spent months actually farming for it, specifically a uRad/Radiation Lightshow to no avail. Now, I’m left with scraps and multiple guns with sh*t anointments.

Not asking for them to reduce the price to 1 eridium, but at the bare effin’ minimum, REMOVE OTHER CHAR ANOINTMENTS!

I agree that the price could be lower and that the anoint pool could be cleaned from all the "100% gun dmg while XX is active " which are simply redundant with 200% gun damage ASA. Still I think some people expected too much of this system, it is still RNG and sometimes you ll be unlucky. Now if GB ever go for a non rng system like crafting anoint, what would be the price to pay in term of drop rate decrease that will inevitably ensue?

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How about if you could select say no fewer than 15 anoints that you would like to see in the pool before you start rolling - that way rng is still in play but you won’t get the frustration of getting an On Fade Away for an Amara build

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Yes, the anointment pool should have another spring cleaning honestly. Too many redundants, my biggest dislike being the 115% rad damage while gamma’s up. Most FL4Ks I’ve personally seen use the uRad setups… so what’s the point!!

And yeah man, that’s all we’re asking for. Either lower the price or again, make it so I won’t get 10+ Iron Bear anointments when I’m playing as bloody FL4K (yes, that actually happened lol)

Fun fact, if you’re farming eridium by smashing rocks every your eridium amount dropped is multiplied by the number of elemental types on your melee attack, so it’s normally 1x with just non elemental melee but if you hold a uRad weapon and equip a fire stone now you get a 3x multiplier. Basically for every element you have on your melee attack it makes it drop again, so it’s multiple hits on a single rock, like the old projectile multiplying by adding elements

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I mean, I’m fine on PS4, I just back up my save, reroll, send interesting stuff to my alt account then transfer it to main account x) no eridium spent :stuck_out_tongue:

And even if I didn’t do that, I literaly have 200k eridium I didn’t use since game release. And that’s on one character only. Others must have 10k or 20k each. Price of reroll is fine, it is at the right place, like olivier_shady said, it’s meant to be a last resort and not something used to trivialize the amount of good anoints. My only complaint : Rerolling the same anoint 2 or 3 times is annoying. They could improve on that, make sure that you can’t get an anoint you already rolled.

Thanks! Good to know how it works. Now, how to get Stone artefact? :smiley: :frowning: