Eridium Covered Chests

Is there a trick to the chests covered in Eridium? Once smashed the the chest flashes purple then green and ALWAYS has green loot. I have tried to open when its purple buit its not targetable to open. Is it supposed to always be green or can you catch it before it changes to get better loot in it?

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The color on the chest doesn’t represent the quality of the loot inside, the green is just to show that it’s now openable, its just a regular quality chest so green loot just happens to be very common

Thanks, I now dont need to try spamming the open button in to try get it while purple :slight_smile:


Yeah green on world objects in Borderlands universe means openable.

I just saw this now because I was wondering the same thing. Green means you can open it, but red means its locked. So, it turning from purple to green instead of red to green made me also think there was a chance it could stay purple or even change to blue or orange. Would be interesting if they add this ability later on when the lvl cap increases.