Eridium Crafting Suggestion

I feel like Eridium should be more important than it is right now. There really isn’t anything special about it and until this day with over 150h on my character i have yet to purchase a single gun for Eridium.

I mean yeah they will probably add more skins in the future that we can spend Eridium on but thats about it.

I was thinking about a crafting system where you would be able to sacrifice Legendary Anointed items in order to be able to craft that exact mod on another item.

If my goal was to get a certain Anointed mod on a Night Hawking i would first need to find that exact mod on another SMG and then farm enough Eridium to be able to craft it on my Night Hawking.

The cost would have to be high else it would destroy the purpose of farming items but then again if the cost would be something like 15k Eridium for a single craft it should be fine. Maybe even different tiers with increased cost of crafting for different Anointed mods depending on how powerful they are.

Another thing would be weapon parts. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to change weapon parts for Eridium and build your own guns. But thats just me dreaming because i don’t think that is actually possible to implement. :grin:

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The gun gun uses eridium and there is the vending machine in front of Crazy Earl’s that sells guns for eridium

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I’ve been asked to post a suggestion regarding Eridium, and found this post, so I’ll add mine here to keep the topics merged.

Eridium is currently a wasted game resource that can be put to better use elsewhere. Once you hit the current “end-game” at level 50 and start farming for legendary Anointed gear, Earl’s “Veteran’s” vending machine becomes rather pointless. You’ll find that even after you’ve purchased all the cosmetic stuff from Earl, you’ll accrue Eridium faster than you can spend it. Right now I’m sitting on over 9k Eridium with nothing to spend it on, and I’m far from alone.

The premise of my suggestion is similar to the OP, with a few noted differences.

Add a feature to the game that allows us to modify an item/weapon modifier at the cost of Eridium. There’s similar systems in other games, such as rerolling a perk on a weapon with Phoenix Coins in the Division. Here’s what I propose:

  1. Allow players to select one modifier on a gun, class mod, or artifact and for a flat rate of 100 Eridium, they can reroll that modifier to select a different modifier. The rerolled modifier would be random, but it will not be the same as the prior modifier. You can reroll as often as you have Eridium to spend.

  2. Once the first modifier has been rerolled, then allow players to select a second modifier to reroll at the cost of 500 Eridium, same conditions apply. The rerolled modifier would be random, and not the same as the modifier you’re rerolling from, but you can reroll as often as you have Eridium.

  3. Once the second modifier has been rerolled, allow players to select a third modifier to reroll at the cost of 1000 Eridium, same conditions apply.

  4. I would also recommend that anything which has been rerolled cannot be traded to another player, and if it’s dropped, it can’t be picked up by another player (similar to the Golden Chest when it’s first opened by another player, only there would be no release timer). This would prevent players from creating a perfect item, then duping it across the player base which would completely undermine the entire game mechanic.

(I excluded grenades and shields intentionally because they don’t have modifiers like other gear does, and changing an attribute of a grenade or shield could fundamentally change it’s nature.)

To summarize, this feature would effectively allow players to reroll hard-farmed gear in order to optimize it, while simultaneously encouraging Eridium farming. Given that the reroll is RNG, you could easily spend 9k Eridium rerolling a single item. I feel such a game mechanic would be win-win for both the longevity of the game and the enjoyment of the player. It would help make the nerfed loot drop rates not seem so harsh (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen zero legendary drops from a boss in Mayhem 3 TVHM), and would alleviate some of the tedium from farming gear and bring more players out of pre-patch mode. It would also promote Eridium farming by players, since the resource would actually have value beyond the limited scope of cosmetics, or the “Veteran’s” vending machine which most players stop using once they start farming legendary Anointed gear in the “end-game”.

If this feature sounds good to you, then please express your support for it here. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If there’s enough support, perhaps Gearbox will consider it.


Ha, I made a topic last week about this, and in that same discussion, someone said they said the same thing. Now, I’m not sure about the legendary upgrading thing, but I’m all for sacrificing a gun to change parts for a cost. A lot of ot was already covered there.

that would be so nice that perfect item were no longer impossible without using save editor

There was a lot of backlash on the idea of getting a “perfect gun” from being able to manually swap out parts, which I too would love. But, if they worry too, the idea of rerolling parts is an alternative that I hope they would consider. It would probably just take more grinding is all.

It defeats the purpose of farming and doing raid bosses.
Not that it’s a bad idea… But for a lot of people it would just shift the focus to just farming for eridium.
Me personally it would just make me lazy and try to craft the perfect gun instead of farming for it.
My idea for it would be to make it so you could level up a perfect gun.
Just say you found gun X at level 40 and it was anointed the way you wanted had the right parts and was perfect for you.
Now you hit level 50 and gun X is basically worthless and all you can do is toss it or hang it on the wall.
If you could spend a certain amount of eridium per level to level it up this could be very useful, especially if they raise the level cap.
I had some weapons at level 50 in BL2 that were so perfect, but stuck in my bank at level 72 just because I didn’t want to just toss them.
I thought 1 day I could find someone to use them. It just never happened.

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This isn’t a bad idea either, although you could make your same argument against it in that it might shift farming focus. However, in either suggestion, we’re talking about thousands of Eridium to reroll or level up just one item. I don’t know about you, but I usually have about 15 items in my inventory that I carry for use, not including what’s already equipped. It would take tens of thousands of Eridium to reroll or level up all of those. That’s a LOT of farming.

Yet personally speaking, I’d rather farm Eridium which is a constant - I can always find it - rather than farm bosses on M3 TVHM that don’t even drop a single legendary, let alone the legendary I’m looking for. Case in point, I’ve killed Captain Haunt 6 times now on M3 TVHM and he hasn’t dropped a single legendary item. That doesn’t motivate me to farm him more. It frustrates me and makes me want to find something else to do with my free time. I know for a fact that I’m not alone in that sentiment. It therefore seems to me that adding a game mechanic which gives Eridium some actual value would potentially solve that problem for a lot of players out there.

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It really isnt if its putting additional effect instead of swap part . I dont think anyone enjoy farming voracidous or hyperius for their loot after the fight for sanctuary dlc release , its a good addition

I don’t think it wii ever happen for this reason. It would drasticly shift the focus of the franchise.
Not to mention the fact of how complicated it could be to add something like this to the game not just from a programming perspective, but also how it could effectively ruin the balance of the entire game.
Plus it’s not like the game is perfect and development team is sitting around looking for something to do. I’m pretty sure that they have an enormous work load already.

I suggested the exact same thing, it’d allow you and your guns to both grow as you level up. Now you wouldn’t have to always replace your favorite. Instead it could level up too.

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It would be nice.
Most of these suggestions are good ones.
Unfortunately I don’t think they would ever be implemented into this game. :unamused:

It would still require tons of grinding though, and it would be cheaper to just replace than to upgrade. The best choice would be to wait for the end game to upgrade your best gear. And it shouldn’t be difficult to program at all, multiple people pointed out that in previous threads that someone made a mod in BL2 where you can make your own guns, this shouldn’t be too different.

As for whether the devs would ever do it, if there’s enough people wanting it, I think they’ll consider it. Imagine making your best build, and then getting to create a gun that perfectly suits it. It would still require grinding, but it would give the grind a direction and make it less random.

My idea would be far simplistic and already tried and worked pretty well… grinder machine. Put 3 legendaries in, reroll for 1 new. 3x shields would give you a shield. Costs money.

Pay with eridium and it would roll with an annointment.

Same “simple” system from TPS, which i kinda enjoyed. If you paid with moonstones you would get a moonstone effect on it. Makes those wrong / bad rolled guns still worth picking up. I dunno if it’s just me or, i rarely pick up non annointef legendaries any more…

Personally, I hated the grinder. I’d put in great gear, and it’d just spit out crap. I’d just love to be able to change a few limited number of parts on a gun, and I don’t care what obscene price they decide to give it. I don’t know if I should explain my idea for it here as i had an entire thread dedicated to that. But, I would accept a reroll mechanic. Give it a bit of chance to it, and I would at least know that I would eventually get the part that I want, hypothetically.

I think eridium is not have a point. I got close 4k eriduim atm but I need like 2 - 3 hour or around 200 - 300 cycle for camping that vending machine for just find 1 useable gun .

Exactly. Now, imagine instead you can put that eridium to some actual use. Don’t like the scope on your favorite rifle? Is the mag a bit too small for your liking? Let’s change that, for a price.

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